About Me

The guy and me

This is our fur baby Colby Jack

I am a 20-something college student anxiously awaiting graduation

Justin Timberlake is my first love with Ne-Yo not far behind

I spend entirely too much time watching TV-mostly teen shows

Chicago is my absolute favorite city and induced my love for the Bears

I live in the great state of Minnesota where I love to explore

I live for traveling

Our life goal is to eat as many different restaurants as possible

I love Jesus my Savior with all of my heart

My passion is in volunteering

Thanks for stopping by! Don't be shy, say HI :)



  1. What an absolutely adorable pup!!

  2. So I just found your blog after Google-ing mine..our blog names are similar, but even crazier is that we have the exact same real life name, first and last...AHAHA. How crazy!!

  3. You're from Minnesota! Hi there neighbor! I'm not far away...over in Fargo:)


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