Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Nourish-2015 Word of the Year

Happy New Year!! I hope you enjoyed the holidays. I sure did. We had an incredible NYE in Las Vegas but more on that later, today I feel like looking back on 2015 and the word I chose to focus on-nourish. I had set monthly goals of which I accomplished none but I still think I fared okay in nourishing different areas of my life. One area that I know I failed miserably in was nourishing my body. No massages, less than ideal eating habits and little working out. I also did not do so well at nourishing my mind. I didn't take any classes, I didn't put much effort into practicing Spanish, and honestly my job is so mindless that I feel kinda brain dead all day at work. But let's focus on the positive and the aspects of life I was good at nourishing :)

First of all I nourished my wanderlust by being able to travel a decent amount last year. Of course I wish I could have seen a few more places but I would call it a good year. I got to visit three new states in 2015 which is quite an accomplishment for myself. Our first trip of the year was to Chicago in June for a fun visit then I went to Florida to visit my former exchange student Kate (post coming soon). In November we headed back down to Chicago for our engagement pictures and while it was freezing cold we had a lot of fun and it was our first time staying downtown-we loved it! And then for our final trip of the year we went to Las Vegas and Tempe, AZ for New Years (post coming soon) and had a blast. It was seriously the perfect ending to 2015 and the best way to ring in 2016. After all that traveling the last six months of the year I am already itching to plan our next trip.

While I had a pretty good year for traveling I had an even better one in terms of nourishing my relationships and that couldn't make me happier. I have had a rough 1-1/2 past years in terms of friendships and it hasn't been easy. Two friends who I was very close with started to drift away and I had no idea why. It was really hard for me to deal with but amazingly in the past couple of months both of those friends (who aren't friends with each other) reached out and we have slowly been gaining our friendship back. It had to of been God's timing considering these people are from two different friend groups and yet they both reached out to me around the same time. While these two particular friendships are ones that I have been treading lightly with thus far I am very happy to regain them.

Aside from those two relationships I have tried really hard this year to say yes whenever anyone asked me to do something with them. I am a huge homebody and introvert and most nights would rather stay in but this past year I did a good job of going out when invited and guess what! I usually had fun :) Saying yes more has definitely strengthened some of my friendships as I got to meet new people and just overall spend more time with my friends.

Lastly, I was able to nourish my finances. I worked many jobs in 2015 from babysitting, to getting a part time job at a restaurant, to working the weekends as a greeter for a luxury home tour and that was all in addition to my full time job. I did any and everything that I could to earn some extra money and it sure paid off. Yea I was exhausted at times but it was so worth it. Without taking on all of those jobs I don't know how would we be able to have the wedding we are going to have. So it was hard work but it has been enabling me to have a wedding I could have only dreamed of without all that work.

Whew what a year it was! It had its ups and downs but overall I think 2015 was really good to me and I know that 2016 is going to be even better. I have a new word for this year come back to read about it. What's your word for the year?


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