Monday, December 14, 2015

Life of a Chef Wife

The life of a chef wife is hard. Okay I am not technically a chef wife yet but still. This is my reality now and I don't foresee it changing once I do become a wife next year. Jamal loves his job. It is his passion and so I wouldn't want anything else for him but it has it ups and downs.

It's so tough on me to have him have to miss out on so much due to his work schedule. Tonight was my family Christmas party and he couldn't make it. He hasn't seen this side of the family all year because of work and it sucks. I hate not having him there with me and I know he misses it too. He works evening and holidays and while he can and does get some special days off it's tricky and doesn't always happen. *I know there are many other professions that have the same problems and some even worse where a spouse is gone for periods of time so I am lucky in the fact that he get to come home every night*

He has friends in the business so it's always fun when we get treated while we are at a restaurant where he knows someone.
Excellent spare ribs from Butcher and the Boar 

Everyone is always asking me if I get gourmet dinners every night. Um nope! I'm lucky if he cooks me a full meal once a month. He is gone six nights of the week at work and Jamal is no early riser no it's a special treat when he cooks me a good meal.

He does bring home food every now and then from work though and I love that. Sometimes it's a delicious meal, sometimes dessert and sometimes alcohol. So that's a fun bonus.
Pumpkin cheesecake he brought home from work. 

Not only is his schedule not the most flexible but the hours are not ideal. He usually goes in at 2pm and depending on the night gets home anywhere between 10:30pm and 2am.

I love that he can cook for our friends and we can have awesome dinner parties.
Please excuse the ugly red plate and the oddly shaped piece of chicken. It was delicious. 

It's also fun to brag that my fiance is a chef. Everyone loves good food.

He makes me more adventurous in the food I'll try. I am as picky as they come but because of him I have tried some stuff I never would have dreamed of eating-think headcheese for example which by the way is super delicious :)

So it has its pluses and minuses but I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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  1. That all looks AMAZING! I am such a foodie :)


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