Thursday, December 10, 2015

He (finally) Put A Ring On It

Hey!! It has been way too long! I always think about blogging but it gets a little hard between working three jobs and trying get some sleep outside of that. If i could blog at work that would be amazing! But alas I cannot so here we are four months since my last post. But let's just continue on. I'll share with you the biggest and best news of my life!! If you follow me on insta I'm sure you know but here's the whole story :)

Back in September the day I had been waiting for for years finally came. Jamal got down on one knee and asked me to marry him ♥. Here's how it all went down.

It was a Sunday morning and Jamal said he was going to take me out but wouldn't tell me where. I was looking through the closet and he told me to find something nice. Naturally I started freaking out in my head thinking that he was going to ask me to marry him!! But I didn't let onto this and just got dressed. We were in the car and he told me he wanted to do something nice for me so that I wouldn't complain when he went to hang out with friends and watch football that night. Lame. Clearly today wouldn't be the day then if he had evening plans. So we arrive at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. Lame again. I mean I love going to the zoo but it wasn't what I had in mind for the gorgeous fall day that it was. So I was a little crabby to start out.

We began walking through the conservatory and I started to have fun. It's so pretty how could I not?! After seeing everything there we headed to the zoo to see some animals. We looked at the gorillas and there was one that was so funny. He was hanging out by the window just lounging and I joked that Jamal looked like him. He quickly tired of the zoo and said he wanted to leave so we did.

The park has tons of trails that are fun to just wander around so as we were leaving Jamal kept pulling me this way and that. We were at this spot that had a bench and was in between two bridges when he stopped and grabbed my hand. I tried to keep walking but he told me to wait and I instantly knew what was about to happen! I didn't know what to do so I burst out laughing! I literally just stood there laughing so hard and Jamal could not figure out what was wrong with me. He started talking and then as soon as he got on his knee the tears start. I think I was just so shocked that this was finally happening and so emotional that I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. And Jamal ever the joker told me he thought I was going to say no. Yea right, he has no chance of getting rid of me ;) He pulled out the ring and it was blinding. Like so freaking shiny that I couldn't even see it! I didn't even really look at it until we got back to the car I was enjoying the fact that I was finally engaged and that he really wanted to marry me :)

Right away we drove to my moms to tell her and my sister and then stopped at a few other peoples houses that we wanted to tell. Lots and lots of tears happened the entire day I was just so happy. We went to celebrate together at 4 Bells and had a delicious dinner. Then stopped by Jamal's job to tell everyone there. His boss popped some champagne for us and gave us cheesecake. And then to make the night even better if that was possible Jamal accepted a promotion there and got his first job as a Sous Chef!! Seriously amazing! It was the best night of my life thus far.

Ever since then we have just been busy wedding planning and mostly enjoying it ;) We are counting down the days until September 17th of next year! We're down to about nine months-where does the time go?

Let's talk again soon!

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  1. So fun! I saw it all on insta but enjoyed reading the full story. Congrats to Jamal on the promotion! That's so exciting - so many great things in store for 2016. I'll be thinking of you guys on Sept. 17th - what a lovely day you picked :) Congratulations again! Enjoy the engagement.


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