Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Viewing Parties: What Are You Missing?

Do you ever feel like you're missing out on something? Like everyone else is having fun together and you're not invited? It happens. There is not a single person on this Earth that has not felt left out of something at some point. I always have felt this way about The Bachelor/Bachelorette (from here on out now refereed to as Bachelor Nation) watching parties. I'm sure you're now thinking "Really? This is about that dumb reality show?" But stay with me I promise I have something valuable to say :)

I have always wished I had some friends to watch Bachelor Nation with. It seemed like everyone was having these viewing parties every week while I just just sitting home alone watching them by myself. I always felt like I was missing out. I love to discuss with others just as much as the next Bachelor Nation fan so of course it would be ten times better to watch it friends right? WRONG!

This past Monday for the finale I finally had this opportunity and let's just say I regret every single second. I generally watch it at home a night or two after it aired because we don't have cable or an antenna. Therefore Hulu and Netflix are my besties. So anyway I try to if I can at least find a way to watch the finale live because after that I feel like spoilers are much more likely and plus I just like to see stuff in real time sometimes ya know? So I asked everyone I know if I could watch it with them and/or borrow their TV for the night, Well I ended up at my neighbors house who was having some other friends over to watch it. I was extremely hesitant to go for multiple reasons. Mainly because I would be with strangers and I just wanted to relax, drink some wine, watch my show, and cry not try to make friends. And I was also worried about these people being too loud. I like silence. I don't want to discuss the show while I am watching it. Only after. Well my desire to watch it live won out and over the the party I went.

So I got to their house we did quick introductions and I settled into my chair with a bottle of wine ready to watch Kaitlyn choose her lover. Instead what I got was some loudmouth chick talking the entire time. Giving her opinion on literally everything. Ev er y thing. No joke. Half the time I couldn't even hear the TV. I was so annoyed. I was that girl sitting off to the side by myself not saying a word and looking start at the TV. Let's just say I definitely didn't make any new friends. Seriously though, how rude! I didn't go over there to listen to her blabber on about what she thought I was there to listen to what was actually happening. I did not get to enjoy the show whatsoever and I am really mad that I didn't cry. Didn't even tear up! I was too distracted by the sideshow.

All that was just to say things aren't always as they seem. Don't feel left out when it appears that others are having such a great time doing something. Because guess what it isn't always perfect. And just because others are having fun doing something doesn't mean that you have to enjoy it too! It's perfectly fine for you to do something a different way. Your way. I always thought I was missing out with these viewing parties but guess what. I finally went and hated every single second. I enjoy myself at all. I will never go to one again and I'll never feel left out when I hear about them. They aren't all they are hyped up to be. So just remember sometimes it's better to just be you and not follow the crowd.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Blaze Pizza

I did receive free pizza in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. 

A couple of weeks ago I got contacted by Blaze Pizza to let me know that they were opening up their first location in Minnesota. I was pretty excited to hear that. I had never heard of them before but after checking out their website I was in. They have 8 signature pizzas to choose from or you can create your own. With all the toppings they the possibilities are endless. Once you pick or create your pizza of choice it is fired for 180 seconds in their oven and then it's ready to devour.

I love the pricing of this place it was so easy! Basically everything is the same price. The signature pizza's and create your own's are all the same price and for the create your own pizza you can have unlimited toppings. Unlimited. What?! I didn't believe I heard her right at first when the girl told me but it's true. You better believe that was music to Jamal's ears. Plus the pricing is super reasonable. What else could you want? Oh a beverage maybe? Well you're in luck because they have the most delicious blood orange lemonade. For dessert they have a little s'mores pie that I didn't try this time around but it looks good.

For our first visit we decided to each try out one of their signature pizza's so Jamal got the Meat Eater with pepperoni, meatballs, red onion, mozzarella, and red sauce and I tried out the White Top with bacon, garlic, oregano, cream sauce, and arugula. For mine personally next time I will get it finished off with olive oil once it is done cooking-didn't know you could do that. And I would have preferred a little more bacon. Otherwise it was really good. I loved the fresh garlic on it. We will definitely be back.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Emergency Vet Visit

Two weekends ago was a hot one. Outrageous humidity. Colby Jack and I spent the day at Chelsey's to hang out and save us on our own electricity bill  from the AC ;) We were in and out a lot but I tried to make sure that Colby Jack was drinking plenty of water and staying cool. While we were watching Celik play at the park I was feeding him ice cubes. He seemed fine. After the park we had gone back to their house to cool off and each dog got a rawhide to entertain themselves. I don't typically feed Colby Jack rawhide's but his friends were having them so I said why not. For dinner we all decided to go check out Jamal at his new job in a beer garden. So we were outdoors again but it wasn't terrible and there were fans all over. And of course I had water set out for him to drink from as he wanted.

We got home later that night relaxed a bit and then went to bed. Colby Jack didn't get up with me the next morning which isn't unusual after he has had a busy day then he likes to sleep in. After I got home from work I made some popcorn for dinner and shared a few pieces with Colby Jack (plain) and then within minutes he threw up. A lot. After I asked Jamal had he had been that day and he said he had thrown up a couple of times. The rest of the day he just slept by me. That night when Jamal got home he had some energy and wanted to play but after a few minutes he puked again. Poor baby, I had no idea what was wrong with him. So off to bed we went hoping sleep would cure him. He threw up a few more times on Tuesday and again was super lethargic. I fed him some rice for dinner and he did keep that down thankfully. Later in the evening while I was trying to watch the latest episode of The Bachelorette Colby Jack walked over to the bedroom and went to sleep all by himself. I walked out of the room and he didn't follow me. This is not like him whatsoever he always at my side and always always in the same room as me. So I was getting concerned. I checked on him and he was so sleepy and looked so miserable. I called my mom and she said I should take him then I called the emergency vet and they agreed since he had been puking for more than 24 hours. 

So we made it to the vet and my mom and sister met us there. Once he saw them he got some energy back and was excited to see them. Of course since he seemed to be acting better I felt like I was the overreacting paranoid mom. But even though he was happy to see my family he was still pretty mellow compared to how he normally is. The vet checked on him and said he had no additional symptoms other than the puking, dehydration, and lethargy so I opted to just get him some fluids and nausea meds. As soon as he came out the back after getting fluids he was already starting to look better. 

*Sidenote: have you ever seen an animal after it has gotten fluids? My little baby had a humpback! I was so thrown off when he came running out I was not expecting it.*

Now he is back to 100% playing and running and driving me crazy and I couldn't be happier about it. Emergency vets are expensive, $120 just to get him looked at but the $200 total was worth it to get him back to being himself even if at the time I swiped my card it hurt a little. I am so glad that I took him in. And we will never know what exactly caused it. Could have been the heat. Could have been the rawhide. I do know that I will never let him have a rawhide again just in case.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Wanderlust. I've got it. I am itching to go somewhere. I need to see more of this insanely beautiful world that we live in. I feel the need to explore, experience, and learn. I want to immerse myself in a new city. I want to see new museums and monuments and new gorgeously scenic views. I want to see what else is out there.

For the past six years I have been with Jamal. For the past six years I have felt anchored to home. To be with him. Though I spent one of those years in Oklahoma I spent every free minute there on the phone with him and at every opportunity I came home. I of course wanted to be with him and he was in Minnesota so that was where my heart was but now I feel like I need to get out and see more of the world. I have been to a few places in the past six years but it isn't enough. I need more. Every day I am adding a new destination to my ever growing list of must see places. 

I feel like we are at a point in our lives where the possibilities are endless. We will both soon be in a position to travel together. I cannot wait. He will be done with school in August 2016. In August 2016 the world will be our oyster. We will be able to go anywhere we want. I have so many ideas floating around in my head. Lately it is all I can think about. Where will be go next? How will we get there? What will we do? And then after that where? 

Since we still have a year to go though before we get too crazy I do some ideas that I am playing around with seeing if I can make them work in the near future. Who knows what will happen but trust me I will always have suggestions and options when it comes to traveling. So here are some options I have been thinking of to happen in the near future. 

My old exchange student from Poland is here in the states for the summer in NC so I of course and going to try my hardest to meet up with her. From some limited research I have done it seems to be pretty expensive to get out to NC so Florida is an option and then she can also see our friend Max who moved out there a few years ago. I love this option because I have never been to Florida and I haven't seen Max in forever so it would be fun to catch up with him. My other option to see her would be NYC since that is where she is flying out of when she heads home. This would be another fun place to visit with her. I really want to go back to NYC since i didn't really enjoy it the first time around and it would be fun to explore with someone I know.

This photo of Epcot is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Birthday Trip!! I am turning 25 this November and think that it is the perfect excuse to travel. I have considered volunteering for a week in Ecuador. This would combine my two passions-travel and volunteering. I really love this option and think it would be super fun and a great way to start off my 25th year. Another thing I thought about doing was going on a girls trip with my mom, aunt, and cousin to LA and Napa Valley. I think that this would be so much fun and we haven't gone on vacation together in many many years but I can't get anyone to commit yet so this option doesn't seem too likely at this point. A final alternative would be to do a solo trip. After reading travel blogs this one sounds cool but a little intimidating. This one took some time to grow on me but the more I think about it the more I like it. I am thinking somewhere warm-Arizona maybe or the beaches somewhere tropical-where I can just lay beach-side or poolside and read books all day long for a week with a couple spa visits thrown in. This sounds so incredibly relaxing. Dang what a hard choice. 

This photo of Quito is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This photo of Sedona is courtesy of TripAdvisor

For Thanksgiving we are hoping to be able to head back down to Chicago to visit Jamal's grandparents and scope out a condo. Ha just kidding about the condo part :) I wish!! We will have to wait and see if Jamal can get this one off of work. 

This photo of Chicago is courtesy of TripAdvisor

And finally to round out the year I am really really hoping we can do a NYE trip. Costa Rica maybe? Or the Bahama's? Somewhere all inclusive with beautiful views of the water. We do a lottery for Holiday's off at work and I had my fingers crossed all year that I would get this week off and I did! So we better be able to go somewhere to ring in the near year and escape the snow. 

This photo of Bahamas is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Who knows which of these trips will happen-if I am really lucky all of them :) But I will take what I can get. Only time will tell where I end up but for now these pictures and my imagination will have to do.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Work It

Well I am back down to three jobs but man are they time consuming. I want to blog but also want to sleep. Ya know how that goes. Really though, I am loving having something productive to do instead of coming home every night and just watching TV like I used to do. Jamal is always at work anyway so I might as well be making some extra money too right? And don't worry I promise Colby jack is getting all the love and attention he needs still. Jamal has decided to take this term off from school and work a little more to try and build up his savings so he is home with the pup in the mornings and early afternoons. 

I still want to finish blogging about our staycation back in May and now I also have our Chicago trip from a few weekends ago to update you on but that will have to wait. I figured I would start with something a little easier since its been a month since I've blogged. But I have been doing really well keeping up with your blogs!! Yay :) 

Over the 4th we dog sat like we have for the past few years. It was super laid back and relaxing which was night. Multiple times during the weekend I felt like we should be doing something but then just reminded myself that we needed the time to just relax. Jamal started a new job last week so he had about four days off which was super nice. He is always working! Today is his 8th day of working in a row and I have no idea when his next one off is. It's hard to get an entire day off between three jobs. I guess we are both workaholics. But he is loving his new job. He works in the beer garden of a trendy well known restaurant. 

Don't judge the choice of knife it was all we had to work with ;)

But back to the fourth. It was mostly just us at the house all weekend. On the actual holiday we had some friends over in the evening for grilling and fireworks. Jamal put on his own little fireworks show. He did a great job and I had as much fun watching as he did setting them off. And best of all he didn't lose any fingers :)

My mind has been on travel non stop for weeks now. I just need to go somewhere new. Experience another part of this world. I have been brainstorming where to go and have a ton of ideas now if only I could have the funds for it all I'd be set. So I have been working super hard to save money for some of these travels plus some anticipated upcoming expenses while also trying to pay down these ridiculous student loans. Why was college a good idea again? Jeez was it expensive. I thought I was broke while I was in college-if only I knew what was coming. I am actually doing pretty decently I think but always trying to think of new ways to add to my savings. I love short-term/flexible (babysitting/dog sitting/weekend stuff) jobs so if you know if anything let me know MN friends :) 

Alright that's all I've got today. Hopefully be back soon! Thanks for reading :)
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