Thursday, May 28, 2015

Anniversary Staycation- part 2

Don't you love short weeks? We're almost to Friday again friends! We can make it. Today I'm going to continue writing about our anniversary staycation. When I left you last time we had just finished up the day at Minnehaha Falls and we're headed home to get ready for a fun night out. Remember everything was a surprise for Jamal :) he had no idea what was coming.

For dinner we went to Pizzeria Lola for our first time. I'm not too adventurous with food so we started with the "my sha-roni" and then before it even got to our table we decided to also get the Korean BBQ. I was hesitant to get it since it was covered it arugula but I am so glad we tried it. Ah-mazing. It was seriously so so good. The meat was delicious and there was this perfect vinaigrette over it. If you go there you must order it. 

Now for the biggest surprise of the weekend. After we stuffed ourselves full of pizza we drive to downtown Minneapolis. More precisely to the Target Center. When Jamal found out we were going to the Target Center he was not impressed. He kept asking who's concert it was and was racking his brain but everything he thought of he figured he'd be disappointed. I'm so glad that I proved him wrong. How dare he doubt me ;)

As we were walking to the center one of the scalpers selling tickets on the street foiled my surprise and he heard who it was we were seeing- Kevin Hart!!!! 

Jamal was the exact opposite of disappointed when he heard that. I'd been say he was freaking excited. Three guys who's names I do not remember opened for him and they were pretty funny and as expected Kevin was hilarious. We were laughing the entire time and on two separate occasions I was crying. If you ever have the chance to see him do it and be sure to watch his What Now tour when it's available on TV. 

After burning so many calories laughing til our cheeks hurt we stopped at The Crooked Pint for a couple drinks and some tator tots. And since I getting old over here we called it night after that. Party animal I am not.

And I will be back with the third and final part of our weekend soon!! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lies I Tell Myself

Everyone does it. I do it. I do it over and over and somehow convince myself that this time will be different. It's not. That's just another lie I tell myself. I tell myself some crazy ridiculous lies. If I were to say these to someone I'm sure they'd ask "how gullible do you think I am?" but I still do it. Here's some of best worst lies I tell myself. 

  • Just one more delicious chocolate covered almond and I will be satisfied
  • After this episode I will get up and actually do something productive like put the clean clothes away and start the dishwasher
  • Speaking of episodes, this will be the last one for the night. 
  • I won't go to Target this week-I will resist the temptation and save all the money
  • I'll go to bed at a decent time tonight so I won't be exhausted in the morning
  • I will get up right when my first alarm goes off so I don't have to rush out the door
  • I'll turn on a workout video when this episode is over
  • I don't need to write that down. I'll  remember it 
  • I'll just lay down and read blogs on my phone for a few minutes-this then turns into a two hour nap 
  • I'll just quick run into the store to grab "specific item"
Any of these sound familiar? What lies do you tell yourself?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Anniversary Staycation-part 1

Hi! I love short weeks. Having Monday off has made all the difference in my week. It's wonderful. Then we get another short week next week too thanks to memorial weekend?? I'm loving it. I am so excited to recap our staycation that we just had to celebrate our 6th anniversary so let's get to it.

I put a ton of thought into what we would do and I made the entire weekend a surprise for Jamal. He didn't know where we were going until we arrived it was so much fun. 

Thursday we started the day out getting brunch at The Buttered Tin-everywhere we went was new to us this weekend except one place. The food there was good but the dessert cannot be beat. I had the short rib rueban and Jamal tried out the breakfast tacos. We also each had a ginger lemonade. Go there and get one. They were so delicious. Then because we hadn't had enough for dessert we got a brownie caramel cheesecake. And yes it was as amazing as it sounds. The crust was so yummy we keep talking about going back just for that. 

I didn't have any plans for the day in Thursday because I knew Jamal would want to relax since he has been so busy the past few months working nonstop and going to school so we just stayed home catching up on our shows and chatting. And before we knew it was time for dinner. 

For dinner I chose to go to Travail-a gastropub. They basically use fun techniques to make food and everything is bite sized. Our entire meal was 20 courses and we were there for almost three hours. Crazy right? 

It was a fun experience and we definitely enjoyed it but it wasn't our favorite. The food was pretty good there were a few bites that we loved but for the most part it was just something fun to check out. 

Friday we started the day off right with donuts from Glam Doll Donuts. My favorite ended up being one of the ones Jamal picked out the cherry cheesecake. After we finished our sugary we breakfast we made our way to Minnehaha Falls to walk off all the calories. It was Jamal's first time there and I hadn't been in years so it was fun to explore. We did a little hiking through some of the trails and just had fun playing in nature. Colby Jack enjoyed being out with us too :) 

After are little workout we were getting hungry so we stopped to get some fro-yo on the way home to hold us over until dinner. 

Alright I'll stop here for now but I promise the best is yet to come. Stop back to see how the rest of our staycation went. Friday night was the biggest surprise of all and full of laughs. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

6 Years

What? Two posts in one day. I have to make up for all the time I've missed ;) okay not really, I promise this won't be happening every day I just wanted to write a quick little post to commemorate our 6th anniversary.

I cannot believe that we have been together for SIX YEARS. We just had the best weekend ever celebrating and creating tons of new memories together. We had so much fun and it was a weekend that we will never forget. I love that we have each other to share such fun times but then to also be there for the other when we are sad or hurting. Jamal is unbelievably amazing. The only person who can always be just what I need. He makes me dream a little more and believe in the impossible. He teaches me patience and forgiveness. He tames the crazy in me. He relaxes me when I am having a freak out and reminds me that whatever it is I am worrying about if it does or doesn't happen it won't be the end of the world. And he can also make me laugh. He's the best. He's my lover.

Oh Hey There...It's Been A While

Hello! Hello! Remember me? It's been a while. I have missed this little space so so much. At first the break was much needed. I finally stopped letting myself feel bad for not posting and just enjoyed the time away instead of constantly trying to think of something blog worthy. Then as time went on and I stopped worrying about what I should be posting I really started to miss it. In my time away I had a few posts floating around my head and in the past few weeks I couldn't wait to type them out and post them. Buttt i suddenly hated the way my blog looked and didn't want anyone to ever see it so I enlisted the help of Erin and got a brand new look. 

So even though it may have taken me 3 years -oh hey! I reached 3 years of blogging in March- I finally bought my domain name (woo hoo) and I paid to someone who knows what they are doing to design my blog. The lovely Miss Erin is responsible for the prettiness you see here, I'd say she did a wonderful job. I kind of can't stop staring.  

So yay I'm back! :) And I have so much to share. Talk again soon!

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