Friday, February 6, 2015

Justin Timberlake's Birthday

Hi Friends!! Did you know that MR JT just celebrated his 34th birthday this past Saturday? I of course had to celebrate with him from afar :) I thought it would be the perfect occasion to crack open my bottle of Sauza 901, which if you didn't know is made in partnership with him-fun fact of the day. 

So at 8:58 while Jamal is trying to wash dishes I remind him that it is time to get ready for his Justin's birthday shot. I take my JT shot glass off the self for me and our Chicago one down for Jamal, since that is where we first saw him of course, and fill them up. 

Naturally I tell Jamal to hurry up and put a shirt on because he was wearing his ratty red tank top that has seen much better days so that we can take a picture to forever remember this moment and because my instagram game has been majorly lacking lately--> find me here to see these pics and more ridiculous daily happenings. 

After many attempts and some bickering we finally get a decent enough shot and it is 9:01. Bottoms up. 

The fun doesn't stop there, the morning after called for some white peach tea in my JT mug. Because I needed to recover and all from partying so hard the night before. Kidding. I unfortunately woke up with a sore throat from leaving our window open all night and it being freezing cold outside. Regardless of the reason though a drink from my JT mug was needed for the morning after because I'm cool like that and go all out when I celebrate someone's birthday :)

Happy Friday! enjoy your weekend :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Met Sean Lowe!!!

As you may know I love The Bachelor. This season is pretty good so far and I like Chris but my favorite bachelor of all time is Sean. So of course when I heard that he was coming to MN for a book signing I had to be there. I could not find anyone to go with me so I debated on going by myself and in the end I decided to go and am so glad that I did. 

I got there two hours early to ensure I would wouldn't be last in line. And as it would work out I ended up in line next to some lovely ladies, Veronica, her twin sister Vanessa and Vanessa's two year old son Lucas who kept us entertained. We chatted about our love for Sean and The Bachelor in general. 

Finally it was time for Sean to make his appearance although it was without Catherine which was kinda sad. He did a little Q&A sesh and then onto the signings. Of course at this point I reverted back to obnoxious, giddy, teenage girl me and acted like an idiot. Literally giggling and laughing and trying to sneak pictures while he was signing books for other girls. Veronica, Vanessa and I joked about how the girls were so starstruck that they were walking away from him forgetting their purses and phones! As karma would have it I may have forgotten my phone for a second too. Dang brain too nervous to think straight. But we're getting ahead of ourselves, back to the moments before meeting him for myself. 

So I am standing on the stage unsure of what to say to him and wanting so badly to not sound like an idiot. We literally had just moments together and I couldn't think of one freaking isn't to say. It kind of made me think of how the girls on the bachelor must feel except ya know they would be 100 times more nervous than I was. 

So I walk up to Sean with the biggest smile on my face and he says hi and gives me a hug. I die. Just kidding but really what!?! I think I'm getting a little too fan girl crazy for even me to like myself. So anyway I'm just staring at him anxiously and he says we should take our picture first. So we smile and take the pic then it's time for us to talk. Like I have to say something intelligible and not waste my few precious moments so I open with "do your cheeks hurt from smiling so much yet" I know real clever. He tells me not yet... Okay then uhhhhh "so I'm going to blog about this and you have to read it. I read your blog" I know I'm so smooth. He eloquently says sure just tweet me. And then I run out of things to say. He finishes signing my book and were done. Just like that. But not before I run off without my phone which holds my newly acquired pictures with Sean so he and the photographer are yelling after me. Like I said I was fan girl crazy and losing my mind. 

I am so glad that I went and met Sean I had a great time and it was really cool to be able to meet someone who I admire so much. His heart for God and his authenticity shine right through him. I think that he is such an encouragement to other Christians and I truly admire how strong he is in his faith in the public eye.  

And Sean, I have yet to read your book-sorry!-but I have no doubt that it will be amazing :)

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