Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Nourish Plan for 2015

I am really loving this word of the year thing. We have not being following each of January's goals 100% but I think we are doing really well. Also it is a little difficult for Jamal to follow some of the things since he needs to taste a lot of things in school. But so far I have been doing my best to eat gluten free and I have done really well. It is more expensive and sometimes takes some extra planning which is why I haven't done the best at eating gluten free in the past couple years but this month has been going great. 

Well I finally have list for the rest of the year on what we are going to focus on each month. Here is the grand plan for nourishing ourselves this year :)

January: Limit dairy, gluten, and desserts. No eating out. 

February: Practice Spanish/French 3 times per week

March: No extra spending- only bills 

April: 5 Random Acts of Kindness each

May: Spa month-massages, pedicures, facials, and more

June: Go for a walk twice per week together

July: Every night share 3 good things about the day

August: Once per week do a new or different workout/physical activity together 

September: Volunteer at two different places

October: Host a game night, spend time with one other couple, spend time with one other friend

November: Read a book together and discuss it-I will welcome any suggestions you have for this one! 

December: Pray together every night including praises and requests

So there it is! After seeing it all typed up here I am slightly intimidated by the list now. But I am also really excited about and hope we are able to accomplish everything each month :)

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