Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Case of the Stressful Sectional

Oh hey! Looks who is back for a second day of blogging. I am telling you my very own couch sectional was the magic ingredient to becoming a better blogger. Speaking of my fancy new sectional let me tell you about the little adventure it had on it's first day here. 

So about five weeks ago we went to couch shopping. We knew we wanted a sectional and I was really hoping for something gray and of course affordable. We were wondering around Ashley furniture but nothing in our budget looked good on the main floor. The salesperson suggested we check upstairs because they had a few more up there and lo and behold the first sectional we see we fall in love with. It was gray and beautiful and cheap. Perfect meets all of our requirements. As much as we were sold we didn't buy it that day because it was actually going to be gifted to us by Jamal's grandparents so we left without it. And with the knowledge that it would take 4-6 weeks to be delivered because we wanted the chaise lounge on the other side. 

Knowing all of this information I had the grand idea to invite my former coworkers from Mankato to visit for dinner and decided that five weeks from that day would be perfect. Dumb on my part, I know. A week later Jamal got the check from his grandma and went to buy our couch so we now played the waiting game. Dinner plans had been made for November 15th. About four weeks from the purchase date. We took a gamble. 

Well luck was on our side and our sectional was ready to be delivered the week of the dinner. Unfortunately with our schedules our how they do deliveries we had to wait until Saturday- the day of the dinner- for it to be delivered. I figured no big deal they should be able to bring it in the morning. I told our friends to come over around 3 so we could head to a brewery for drinks then come home for dinner by my personal chef. It was perfect. Until we got the call Thursday that they would deliver our sectional (and dining table) on Saturday between 2 and 5. Ummmm what?? Cue freak out. On top of that Jamal had to suddenly work until four on Saturday so we had guests coming over with no furniture and my other half working. Great, 

All morning Saturday I was in panic mode. I was so worried about everything working out perfectly. I needed the furniture here before our friends. It was a stressful day. Finally we got the call that the furniture was on the way and our friends had not yet arrived. Huge relief. I thought. 

After a few attempts it was apparent tat the sectional was not going to fit in through our front apartment door and oh look Matt and Christy were walking up the sidewalk. So they come in and I explain how sorry I am that they are here and my place isn't even put together and now it looks like the sectional is headed back to the store so my living room will be nice and empty. It was terrible. 

But then Matt saved the day. He said something along the lines of "too bad we can't out it through the window" and the delivery men said ya know that could work. I live on the second floor but it is juts close enough to the ground that we made it happen. So Matt stood up here holding our couch through the window while the delivery men pushed it up and it worked! Our sectional made it safe and sound into our apartment. 

So while I was freaking out and being embarrassed about inviting them over to an empty place with half of the hosts missing it turned out perfectly because if it weren't for them showing up I wouldn't have my new sectional. After the crazy and stressful day it was we had such a fun night together and I am glad that everything turned out okay :)

This is the culprit of my stress and anxiety. But I love it so much now and I guess it was worth it :)

PS I will do a full tour soon! The problem is I am a bit of a perfectionist with expensive taste and am on an entry level income so it doesn't work so well. But I think I will do better than I did at my last place-I didn't post my home tour until I moved out ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Recently Read

Hey Friends. I have been reading a ton of books lately so I thought I would do a little post on what I have read lately. I know I always love adding new book recommendations to my ever growing list and thought you might be interested in what I read. I won't post any spoilers so that you can read a little about the book from my perspective without me revealing anything too good. The first 3 books are pretty popular and the last two are far less common so if you're looking for something you haven't heard about go there. 

*** NO SPOILERS***  Keep reading :)

Gone Girl. I am sure many of you have read this and even seen the movie so I won't say much. I will say that it was a really interesting read. It kept me engaged and thinking the entire time. I like the way that it was written and thought it was thought provoking but the ending was not for me. I actually really liked the book until I finished it and then I kinda thought it was stupid and pointless. I would give this book 3 stars because up until the end it was really good. 

The Happiness Project. Another popular book that I just finished. I liked it. I got some good ideas from it and was intrigued by what she did. I have been thinking about how to make my life better. Like this is it so what can I do to make the best of it. And while some of the things I had already thought about something about reading them in black and white makes me more inclined to actually try and follow through with those things. Good read. I'd give it 4 Stars

If I Stay. It had a been a while since I had fallen completely in love with everything about one book. But this one did it. I even cried. I loved that it was about musicians. I played piano when I was younger and while I was never that great at it that doesn't mean I didn't dream about it. This was calling to my inner musician and I loved it. 4.5 Stars for this one.

Where She Went. After reading If I Stay I obviously had to read the follow up to it. I expecting it to be even grander. I know sequels are not always the best but I just knew with how amazing the first one was this one would be just as good if not better. I was disappointed. And I think my main disappointment came because I looking for a book so similar to the first one. I wanted to fall in love with the characters all over again and cry my eyes out. But it wasn't like that. I honestly thought the characters were less likable and it was written in the voice of the male not the female like If I Stay so I found it to be rougher ya know. 3 Stars here. 

Fields of Grace. I saved my favorite for last. The absolute best book I have read in forever. Maybe even in my life. I was first drawn to this because the author is someone I went to school with for a year down at ORU in OK. It is a true story about growing up with an evangelist dad (Acquire the Fire & Teen Mania) and how she dealt with such strict rules on her childhood and then about a plane crash where she was the only survivor. Still thinking about this book a week after I read it brings tears to my eyes. IT was phenomenal. She is an excellent writer and the story itself is just incredible. I started reading this book at work and over halfway through started getting teary eyed so I forced myself to stop reading it until I got home. Good thing I did because I cried through the whole rest of the book. I highly highly recommend checking it out. 5 Stars

If you have read any of these books and want to talk more about them I would love to have a discussion with you!! I love talking about books I've read so just email me. And if you haven't read one of these and want to know more about it I would love to talk about that too :) 

What should I read next?

*All images from Goodreads

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