Thursday, September 25, 2014

When Life Does a 180

A lot of good has been going on. And I love it. For the past year or so my life has felt like such a mess. I was so stressed out and overwhelmed and just not loving life. It's like everything that could have gone wrong in the past year did. It seemed every time something started to go right I was hit with something even worse. It was terrible. So I really didn't have any high expectations once I graduated because I would just be happy if nothing went majorly wrong. 

Well I couldn't have asked for life to be going better. I am so so amazed at how things suddenly fell into place. I am so happy about all that has happened the past month, I really can't believe it. In July my mom told us that she was going to start charging me rent in September (Jamal already had been paying rent). She was going to up Jamal's as well. I was so frustrated and upset because I wasn't expecting it and I truly think the amount she wanted is pretty ridiculous. So while we had been looking for an apartment the hunt was really on when we found that out. We needed to be out by the end of August. 

If you remember from this post, a few weeks later Cody and Chelsey offered for us to house/dog sit for them for the month of September. It was exactly what we needed. An extra month to save some money and find our perfect first home. So we moved in the first week of September. A couple of weeks later I found the perfect job for me. I am now working at a credit union as a teller. While it is only part time (for now) and I had originally hoped to move up a little versus being a teller again I am really excited about this job. There are some great opportunities for growth and I hope to stay with the company for a while.
This is one of the pups we are watching, He does like me, he is just always very crabby. 

About a week after I accepted my new job we found our new home. We have two different sets of friends that live in the same complex so we went to check it out. I was hesitant at first because it isn't in the best city but our friends really like it there and said it's super quite so I was convinced and we signed a lease. We move in next Wednesday!!!!

As if finding a place near our friends in a good area wasn't enough, the complex also had a special going on when we signed the lease. We signed a 13 month lease and then got the first month free! Another month to save up some more money. I seriously can't believe how perfectly everything has worked out for us. Just when it felt like my life was a complete disaster it does a 180 on me and things are going great. 

I am so thankful for all that we have been given the past couple of months. Jesus has had my back :) I have been shopping like crazy trying to make sure that we have the coziest and happiest little apartment to go home to every night. I can't wait to see everything together. We still have quite a few things before it is complete but we have a great start. I am so excited to share it with you soon. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tom Brady. A Surprise. Non-Stop Smiles.

A few weekends ago I had a brilliant plan to make Jamal a very happy man. Here is the story. 
The Bears are our team. They are the only ones for me but Jamal has room in his heart for another team as well, The Patriots. They are not in our conference so he says it's okay. His favorite player happens to be Tom Brady. And when he found out they were coming to Minnesota this year to play the Vikings he said he wanted to go. I told him it'd be too much since we are saving up to move and nixed the idea. Surprisingly he never asked again. 

 Well I started looking up tickets in August about a month before the game and was considering getting him some as a surprise but I still didn't want to spend the money on them. The night before the game was going to happen we ere hanging out with Cody and Chelsey celebrating Cody's birthday and I suggested to her that surprise both of them with tickets and send the guys to the game. She was in. This made me feel better about spending the money since I would only be paying for one ticket this way. So I bought them that night so the guys could have a fun day of football.

Jamal and Cody stayed out all night bar hopping and Jamal stayed at their house. The plan was to meet them in the morning somewhere near the stadium and give them the surprise tickets. Well as it would happen Cody had a little too much fun and wasn't going to be making it out of the house that morning so the game was out of the question for him. 

At this point I briefly thought about finding one of his friends as a replacement but thought what the heck the tickets are already paid for now so I might as well go and enjoy what I paid for. We had such a fun time and I was so excited to be able to surprise him with tickets to see one of his favorite teams. I asked him if seeing Tom Brady in person was like the excitement for me of seeing Justin Timberlake and he said yes. Mission Accomplished he was a very happy man. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Belle On Wheels

Hey Friends. I was in such a great mood Monday. Probably the best Monday is forever. It was fantastic. I promise to tell you more about it later this week but today I have to tell you about my awesome friend (seriously she is the best) Chelsey and her new business venture. MN ladies be sure to check her out!

Chelsey is a great friend and former coworker of mine. She is the stay at home mom of an adorable almost two year old boy named Celik and a wife to her husband Cody. And she has a cosmetology degree. Cosmetology has always been a passion of hers but being a mom came first. She has stayed home every since Celik was born and has recently decided that she is ready to dive back into her passion of make-up. 

She loves being a mom and so being able to stay home with him as often as possible is her ultimate goal but she loves to make other mom's and any other girls feel beautiful. So she came up with her new business Belle On Wheels. She is a freelance make-up artist basically ready to do anything you need make-up wise. 

She is available for special occasions such as weddings, photo shoots, parties and more. But she will also be doing parties for girls of all ages. Little girls can have make-up and nail parties with their friends which would be perfect for birthdays or just for fun. While adults can have wine, chocolate, and make-up parties with their friends and spend the night chatting and being pampered. 

You can find Chelsey on instagram and facebook and if you are local and want some more information let me know! I would be happy to tell you how amazing she is. And just so you know she has no idea that I am writing this whatsoever and there is a good chance she may never see this unless I share it with her so I am not just saying this to be nice. She truly is extremely talented and a wonderful person. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bubbly Brittany

Yesterday felt like a Monday. The early morning started out great but then it went downhill. Nothing major or anything just plenty of annoyances. And to top them all of my brand new phone charge died. So the great post that I texted to myself yesterday morning in bed is now unreadable and the awesome pictures to go with it unavailable. Lame. Hopefully by the time you are reading this I have a new charger and therefore am feeling more organized. Hopefully. 

Yesterday I went with Jamal to tour Le Cordon Bleu. He is finally read to follow his dreams and go to culinary school. He really liked the campus and everything so hopefully in a couple of months I will be living with a culinary student. So exciting :)

Well anyway the lady who talked with us and gave us the tour was Lisa. She was telling us about the school and asking some questions about Jamal. Jamal was being his typical self, extremely laid back, said few words, and honestly showed little emotion, I was trying to be a little chatty to give her an idea of how Jamal is because he clearly was not sharing much. As I am talking she mentioned that she can tell he is the chill laid back one while I am the bubbly and social one.  And just like every other time I have heard that from a stranger I was surprised at first and then so happy to hear it. 

All of my life I have been the shy and quiet girl. Silent and awkward. That was and still is sometimes me. I always wanted to be more outgoing, more outspoken. I wanted to be the person who can talk to anymore and become friends. But I was just too freaking shy. I wanted to change but couldn't do it. And then somehow in recent years I have noticed small changes. Doing things that before I would have never imagined doing. I sometimes would shock myself and I loved it. I was so proud of who I was starting to become. 

And now a few different times I have been referred to as bubbly and it makes me heart so happy. At first I am confused when they say it. Like uh are you sure you're talking about the right person? But they are! Because I am. Don't get me wrong there are still many times where I am the quiet awkward girl but they are becoming less often and in the past few years can be accounted for as my observant personality versus shyness. I like to watch the situation and get a feel for it. I am so observant and that often times get mistaken for being unhappy or shy. So I really am liking this new term people have used to describe me. Bubbly. Bubbly Brittany. It fits right? 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Life After Graduation

Happy Thursday Friends! Holy crap the days are flying by. We have been down to one car the past couple of weeks so it has been very busy trying to get each of us where we need to go but it is saving on gas so that's a plus :) And now for the lack of transition to my actual topic, here we go. 
But first, a picture of us driving in the car with 
Colby Jack and our two pups we are house sitting. It was a long 15 minute drive. 

Life after graduation is everything and nothing like I thought it would be. I planned for the full time job, weekends off, freedom from homework, and consistent work schedule. I didn't plan for the immense trouble of finding a job (those don't come easy), my small income (doesn't a degree equal big bucks?), and my overall stress of transitioning from student to adult. I thought it would be much easier. Work a job, have a home, enjoy life. But instead it has been much more of work to live, find a better job, find a home, and be insanely stressed because this isn't at all what you thought it would be like and in actuality is pretty freaking hard. 

I don't exactly miss the life of a student although there are times I feel left out when my friends talk about school. But I guess I just wasn't expecting this to be my reality. Instead of worrying about tests and papers my mind has been consumed with finding somewhere to live and a job that I actually enjoy and pays my bills. I was more in the mindset of finding this fantastic career that I love working with awesome people turned friends and enjoying my evenings with Colby Jack and Jamal. Well I do enjoy my evenings with Colby J but Jamal is still working two jobs so that doesn't happen. 

I realize that my ideas were dreams and may not ever happen or at least for a couple of years. It a tough place to be caught in. Like some people have such high expectations of my job choices that it feels bad to take anything less. But I have to remind them and myself that I am just starting out and I am not the only person in this situation of an undesirable job with crappy pay. And a degree does not automatically equal a fantastic job. 

There will be jerks out there like one that I interviewed with
     Him (skeptically): So you have a bachelor's degree and you're applying for this position?
     Me (cheerfully): Uh yes I am. 
     Him: .....Okaaayyy....

As you can imagine that did not go over well and honestly it made me feel like crap. But who is he to say that a job is basically beneath me because I have a degree? It is something I really enjoy doing and plenty of people who do it have a degree although it is not needed. I was offended that he was judging my career choice all based on a degree. Thanks sir. You suck. 

And this post ended up not where I expected but that's okay. I have learned that is how life goes. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Great Minnesota Get Together 2014

Hi Friends!! Hope you all had a fabulous long weekend. We didn't do as much as I had hoped but overall it was good. I can't believe that it is September already. And the fact that I am not in school. Ummm yea I am so confused. What do I do with myself?? It is so weird but so nice. Well since I am super tired I am just going to post pictures of all the delicious food we ate and call it a day post. 

Arnie Palmer Sno Ribbons "it's like eating snow and tasting ice cream" I loved this stuff. So so good. Then again I may be known to steal a bite or two of snow every year so this stuff was perfect for me. The ribbons were lemon flavored and then it was tea sauce. 

Sweet Martha's Cookies

We tried cheesy potato pierogies from a new place this year. I was fan. They came with a yummy horseradish sauce.

My tried and true favorite, Australian Batter Potatoes with cheese and ranch. The best. 

Beer Gelato. It was pretty good. Better than I thought it would be :) It was oatmeal stout flavored.

A refreshing wine slushie.

The delicious bacon corn dog. Includes a bacon wrapped hot dog, bacon in the batter, bacon on top, and you dip it in syrup. Yummmmm

We got the pretzel cheese curds that everyone was talking about. I had mixed feelings about them. When I heard of them I was under the impression that they would use pretzel dough on the outside, you know the kind used for sandwich buns and such. But it was beer batter with crushed pretzels in it. So not what I was expecting. I would say they were okay. 

And last but not least. Jamal allowed me to visit the miracle of birth center (he isn't a fan of the barns). My favorite thing at the fair! The little piggies were so cute trampling over each other for some milk. I also loved the little lambs. Omygoodness. They were falling all over. Way too precious. I could have watched the baby animals all day. 

And that concludes another summer and another year at the fair. Do you visit your state fair? Is it a huge deal like ours? 

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