Friday, August 29, 2014

Guy Besies Acting Like Girl Besties

Happy Labor Day weekend!!!!! I am so ready for it. So since I am ready for it to start and I am sure you are too I thought I'd keep things short today. I just have a quick video to make you smile "If guy best friends acted like girl best friends". It is pretty funny. Check it out. 

Told you :)

Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Living Situation Update

Hey Friends!! The long weekend is almost here! I cannot wait. I have a wedding and the state fair waiting for me so let's hurry it up. So as you know, because I pretty much mention in every single post, we are moving. We want to be out of my mom's by the first of September because she is going to start charging us rent for about the same price we can have our own place for. So the search has been on. We want out. If I am going to pay that much I might as well have my own space. 

We have looked at a lot of apartments but have yet to settle on one because we have commitment issues. But it was a good thing that we do because a couple of weeks we got a fantastic offer from our friends Cody and Chelsey. They have a house out by us but he recently got a job south of the cities (over an hour commute for him). His work is paying for their housing down there for two months while they are trying to sell their house. Sooooo they have offered to let us stay at their house...for free!! We just have to watch their dogs. Ummm sold! We are so so happy for this opportunity. It was completely a God thing and works out perfect for us because we now have another month to save and find a place. 

So for September we will be staying at their place and Colby Jack will have a couple of friends to hang out with during the day and then finally in October we will be getting our apartment. And no, we still have not committed to one but we will. Promise. So that is what has been going on over here. I am seriously so relieved about this and their offer could not have come at a better time. While our housing situation is mostly taken care of the job hunt is still on. It never ends. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Wedding Fun

Happy Monday friends! Hope you had a great weekend. To all of my MN friends that made it to fair already I am so very jealous of you. Having weddings each weekend of the fair is slightly inconvenient and messes up my fair goings. Oh well we will fit it in somehow next weekend :) What new foods should we try?

Anyway I had a really fun weekend. It started out a little slow but ended being the best time. I had to work Saturday morning so I did nothing Friday night. Saturday we drove down to Mankato for my old coworker Jen's wedding. We were the first ones there out of my coworkers, everyone else missed dinner so we made some new friends while waiting for them. Then when they finally showed up the fun began. The music wasn't exactly our taste, think oldies, like 50's and 60's oldies. So we made our own fun. There was lots of beer chugging and shot taking. We mostly hung out and talked it was so fun to be with them all again! I miss them so much :( They were the best coworkers ever. 

Morgan, Kayla, and Brittany left around midnight so Matt and Christy took us downtown for some more fun. After all of my years at Mankato I had never gone out downtown so he showed us the way. As much as I hated how small town Mankato is it is nice that you can pretty much walk everywhere. It was really fun and we met some more people. We finally made it back to our room around 2:30. Then we had an early wake up to meet Matt and Chirsty for Breakfast before we left town. 
The morning after, we survived :)

Sunday once we made it back home we were useless. We had grand plans of cleaning and packing but we went from the couch to the bed and back to the couch again. But it was worth it. And now next weekend we do it all over again for my cousin's wedding! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tupperware Love, Brewery Fun, And Life

Oh hey! I am back again. I can't believe we are already in mid August! I am sad summer is coming to a close but I can't complain too much because that means the State Fair is right around the corner. I am so so excited and plan to eat all of the food I can manage. Since this week my brain is all over the place I am just going to write how I write best in bullet form :)

  • I am currently working at a temp job doing medical part assembly. It is the same thing Jamal does. He likes it much better than I. And so is still my best friend and worst enemy at the moment. I look for jobs day after day it's the applying part that kind of sucks. So much work! Hopefully something comes along soon. 
  • A couple weeks ago we were at Target and Jamal found some containers called Lunch Blox by Rubbermaid. I didn't want him to get them because I didn't think he'd use them. Well I was right he hasn't. But I did!! I made him lunch using them and it made it so much fun. Seriously weird I know but I was very proud of the lunch I made for him using the Lunch Blox. They are like little lego's. Go get some! It makes making lunch fun. 
  • This past weekend I played beer pong for the first time ever. So that's exciting. 
  • Last weekend we met up with Cody and Chelsey and went to Great Waters Brewing Co. to use a LivingSocial we had. We got some beers and apps. I was really surprised by the location. I was expecting something more bar like but it was more restaurant like which was cool. I actually found a craft beer that I really like which is amazing. I'm not a huge fan of beer but I still loving going to breweries and doing tastings so to find something I like was pretty exciting. 
  • We have a wedding this weekend and next weekend to attend. It has been so long since we have been to one. I am ready to dress up and have fun. 
  • I was grocery shopping last night (Jamal said I get to be the designated grocery shopper and that makes me very happy) and came across new Grahamful's by Nabisco. I looked at them hesitant to actually put in the cart but decided to just go for it since they were on sale. And I am so glad that I did. They are so delicious. I got the cinnamon ones but that also have a s'mores flavor. 
And that is all I've got. I have a few far more interesting post ideas, if only I could find the motivation to write them. Eh eventually. I am still trying to catch up on all of your blogs as well so maybe once that is done and I am not hundreds behind I will want to actually write a little more. Until then so long :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cupcakes and Shots

I have missed this blog and each of you so dearly. Life feels so busy and yet like nothing is going on all at the same time. I have had the desire to write but not quite enough motivation to actually do it, until now. My thoughts have been consumed with finding an apartment and a job and it is all so much. The days are just passing me by. But finally I made here to my spot on the internet. I am attempting to catch up on all of your blogs as well as update mine. I feel like I have a lot to say but let's easy back into okay? I'll start with a weekend recap :) It was a good one.

Friday. A while back Jamal and I bought a LivingSocial for a tasting and tour of Minnesota's first legal distillery since the prohibition; Norseman's. It is located in a big warehouse type building and down int he basement. Their space is actually quite small but perfect. We sampled some vodka, rum, strawberry kumquat gin, and strawberry rhubarb gin. My favorite was the strawberry kumquat it was delicious. 

Saturday. We woke up with no official plans for the day and ended up so busy. We left the house around noon to meet Jamal's mom at her church picnic for a bit. Jamal got to catch up with some old friends and we ate some food. After that we went over to check out Cody and Chelsey's new place. Cody got a new job far far away in Eagan (about 45 minutes from us) and they are currently staying in an apartment while they are trying to sell their house. So we went to their new place to check it out. We went to happy hour with them at Bonfire and then afterwards we went to Cupcake. This little cupcake shop connected to a restaurant. As soon as we finished our cupcakes we realized that the adjoined restaurant served alcohol. Um amazing!! So then of course we each had to take a shot :) Cupcakes and shots. You can't go wrong. 

After that fun we stopped in a comic book store quickly and Jamal bought Celik his first comic. When we got back to the house Jamal read it to him and it was so freaking adorable. Later that night Celik wanted Jamal to put his jammies on him. Let's just say my heart melted. It was so precious. Especially considering Celik isn't won over easily. 

We eventually left their house so they could get to bed but the night was still young so off to Ashley and Christian's we went. They both invited us over but within ten minutes of getting there Ashley was already falling asleep!! So needless to say we didn't stay long. 

Sunday. We got up to go to the early church service and afterwards celebrated my aunt's birthday with cake. The rest of the night was spent at home getting ready for the week. 

Whew, knocked that post out quick! That concludes my fabulous weekend. So happy to be back :) Talk soon! 

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