Thursday, May 29, 2014

Looking Back and Ahead

I am only weeks away from finishing my degree and with that comes a lot of contemplation. I couldn't wait to get to this point of my life. Being done with school, having a career and starting a family. I have looked forward to this forever. And trust me I still am as excited as ever but this time also brings with it some dreams from the past. I feel as though I am stuck in the middle somewhat. I am so happy for what is to come yet also feeling like maybe I missed out a bit and didn't live my college career to the fullest. 

I always wanted to study abroad but I never did it. Mostly because it is pretty expensive but also because it is pretty scary too. Luckily I can still travel for the rest of my life and don't have to have the stress of school with it but it most likely will only be for short periods of time versus a whole semester like I could have done in college. Or even a short trip like I did with NYC, I wish I did more of those too. It was a great experience and I would have loved to have been able to go on more of those. 

I often wish that I had studied harder. I am not exactly the studious type. School came easy to me up through high school and studying was foreign so when I got to college and class got hard I wasn't entirely sure what to do. So I do wish that I would have put more effort into my classes but in the end I will have the degree and that is what is important. 

I am going to miss having so much flexibility with my life. I have worked throughout my entire college career minus freshmen year but since it was just a job to make some  money there was always a ton of flexibility with it. Careers don't come with that. Yes I get vacation time and such but it isn't the same, for the most part I have a steady schedule and have to be there every single day Monday through Friday. I kind have a love hate relationship with this. 

The idea of being carefree and having the world at my hands is kind of gone too. Yes here I am fresh out of college with many opportunities to take but it is different. Before I felt like I had time. Time to think and do anything I wanted but now I have bills to pay and time is not exactly on my side. 

But I have a ton to look forward to now. I still can move anywhere I want, search for a great job, travel and see the sights. And of course hopefully start planning a wedding soon and one day down the road buy my first home and even way farther down the road have a kid or three. Those are really exciting things. As this chapter of my life is closing it is fun to look forward at what is to come. Things I have dreamed of for my entire life. And while yes there are things I wish I had done differently in college I can say that I am happy. Happy with what I have done and happy to see where I go. 

This post is kind of a jumbled mess as are my thoughts. It is just kind of a reflection and what is going on in my head. Couple all those random thoughts with a mile long stressful to-do list of school work and an organized well put together post just isn't going to happen. Sorry. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Anniversary Weekend

Hey Friends! Long time no talk. Life over here has been pretty crazy. Like the past week was probably the hardest week of school I have ever had in my life. These summer classes are no joke. And along with my hard classes I am getting used to a completely new schedule. I used to work in the mornings and then head to class whereas now I have the mornings free, head to class at 11 and then work from 1 to 6. I like the new schedule but it was definitely an adjustment last week. So with all of that craziness going on there wasn't much time for blogging. I want to try to blog a few more times this week but it all depends on my classwork so we shall see. 

Before I recap Memorial weekend I should probably first recap the weekend before, our anniversary weekend, if I can remember that far back ;)

On that Saturday I let Jamal laze around while I took Colby Jack to the dog park for the first time ever. He seemed to have fun. There weren't a ton of dogs there but enough. This particular park has a fenced area for small dogs which was pretty nice. Colby Jack loves to be chased and none of the dogs there were really doing that and if Colby Jack isn't getting what he wants for being paid attention to he gets pretty whiny, yes I know he's spoiled. It cracks me up because he would just sit by the other dogs and whine because they weren't playing with him. But he still seemed to have fun so we will be sure to go back there. 

That afternoon Jamal and I went to look at a couple of apartments. We liked both of them but one of the places doesn't have we what we want available when we need it so that's a bummer. The other one I loved because it is newly renovated but Jamal wasn't too fond of the location. After looking we stopped at The French Meadow Bakery to share a snack and talk it over. We decided that for now they were both no's. The search continues. Then that night we headed over to Cody and Chelsey's for some grilled food and our first bonfire of the year. It was fun to catch up with them and enjoy the nice weather. 

And Sunday was the day we both had been waiting for, Grill Fest! Jamal's friend who was supposed to come couldn't make it so it was just us and my friend Colleen. We had so much fun walking around and trying all of the delicious foods and drinks. This year they had a new company there giving out this thing called "free hand". It was a little cardboard thing with a cup holder and a place for your thumb and the idea is for it to be able to hold your drink and some snacks in one hand and then have the other free. With this thing they gave us plastic cups but Grill Fest also gives you a wine glass for tasting. Well I was not coordinated enough to handle the free hand and a wine glass...I ended up breaking two wine glasses. Classy, I know. 

Jamal did a pig wing (if you know what that is please tell me) eating contest at Grill Fest. At first I was opposed because gross! But then I found out that there was a two minute time limit so I ok'd it :) Jamal tied with someone in round one by eating SIX wings so they had to do a one minute tie breaker and he lost by one measly wing :( It was so much fun to cheer him on, he did great and still won a couple things so it was worth it. 

And that about sums up the weekend. We packed a lot of fun into those two days and I know I say this all the time now but I am so ready for the days when I don't have to dive back down to school Sunday nights. So soon now! Hopefully I will be back this week with our latest weekend fun. Peace out!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Five Years

I had such a great weekend. We had so much fun and it was one of the ones that I wished never ended but I'll tell you it is getting easier to come back down to school knowing that my days here are limited. But I'll be back tomorrow with all of our weekend adventures because I was too busy getting organized for the start of my summer classes to post yesterday. Yesterday was a really special day. A huge and momentous occasion. As of yesterday, May 19th, we have been together for five years.  FIVE WHOLE YEARS. That's crazy. For some reason five years feels like a big deal to me and I am so proud to say that we have made it this far. But it also makes me feel old. I am 23 years old and have been with the same guy for five years. Now that is crazy. 
Prom May 17th 2009, two days later we became official. 

We have been through so much together and yet here we are. We somehow have made it and love each other even more than we did five years ago. I laugh when I think of the first year we knew each other. We weren't dating at this point and I am positive that you would have never met two more awkward people together. There was no easy flowing conversations or easy silence but for whatever reason we decided to give it a try and it has been the best decision ever. 

We have had our ups and downs and way more long distance than I like but that just means our future together will be so much better right? It's funny how he is the person that drives me the craziest and still makes me the happiest. My relationship with him is like no other. We definitely challenge each other and support each other. I cannot wait to see what our future holds, I know that it will be great. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

What Do You Do With a Week off of School?

It's Friday!!! And my anniversary weekend! I am so excited for everything we have planned this weekend. I can't wait to come back next week and tell you all about it. But this weekend also means something else, the end of my one week off of school before summer classes. Lame. Monday I will be back to studying so I made sure to make the most of this being lazy and doing nothing! haha

In case you ever find yourself with a week long vacation I have some great ideas of how to make the most of it and relish in the relaxation. 

First of all, all of the time gives you an opportunity to catch up on all of your favorite shows or maybe even watch a whole series. I spent a lot of quality time with Netflix this past week and I don't regret one episode :) David Tutera, Buddy Valastro, and Emily Thorne thanks for keeping me company. 

One of my other favorite activities is to read. I have a book that I have been wanting to read for a while and a week off of a school is a great time. Unfortunately I never got around to it, oops. I just wasn't quite in the mood to pick up a book this week but vacation is the perfect time because you don't have to worry about putting it down. I generally finish books in one to two days so being able to read without interruption is the best. 

You can catch up with friends that you haven't talked to in a while. I had two awesome and long conversations this week with some good friends. It was great to sit and chat and not worry that I should be studying for a test or something. 

My favorite activity of the week was working more! No class means more availability at work. I welcomed the extra hours and money. 

With all of the free time I got a few really good workouts in which is always nice. Sometimes when life is busy it is easy to to skip your workout but I had no reasons this week to not do one and it felt great. 

Writing letters or notes is another fun thing to do when you have some time. This is another thing that I didn't get around to but I had intentions of it. Who doesn't love some fun mail? Maybe next week I can make some time to do this since I forgot to this week. 

And that is basically how I spent my week. Nothing too crazy but now I am ready to take on my last set of classes. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Feeding My Addiction

Today I was sitting at work contemplating about what I was going to write about for today. Nothing was coming to mind. My life has been pretty uneventful this week and I haven't tried anything new or exciting so I was at a loss, until I was handed a chocolate. One of my co-workers came over and handed me a small Hershey's chocolate and said it was from a customer. I said thanks and left it where she set it seeing as I am trying not to eat treats this month. I decided to save it for maybe sometime next month when I need just a little something. But that chocolate got me thinking, I have encountered so many occasions where I have been offered desserts of some sort in the past 14 days. A ridiculous amount. 

Last week someone brought cupcakes into work. They were my first challenge. Surprisingly it wasn't too hard. But then hours later someone else brought in dilly bars. Yum. But still I resisted. That one was a little tougher but I made it through the day without eating one. 

The next occasion happened on the day of my graduation. At the little reception for the college of business there were cookies, brownies and lemon bars. This one was a little tougher, it had been over a week since I had had dessert and I LOVE lemon bars. But I just walked away and didn't think of them again. Later that night my aunt bought chocolate mousse, a cannoli, and ice cream cake. Well I since she did purchase it for me I did give in that time and it sure was delicious but I only had one piece of cake and the next day a couple of bites of mousse. So at least I didn't go crazy. Then this week I got skittles at work. It was hard to deny them since they were right in front of my face but somehow I did it. And then yesterday the little chocolate I got.

So in case you lost count, that's six different times in 14 days that I was presented with sugary treats. SIX TIMES in just two weeks!!!! That is insane. Each time may have just been small things but when I looked back at it I realized just how much crap I was being offered. A lot. No wonder I am addicted to sugar. Going into this month with the goal of not having desserts was bound to be difficult but I am so glad that I ma doing it. Even after this month of trying to not have any sweets is over I hope to continue on and limit myself because I can see how easily it can get out of hand. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How Not to Impress your Co-workers

How not to impress your co-workers. I sometimes say things that I instantly wish I could take back, not because they were mean or untrue but because as soon as the words are out of my mouth the look I get from the person listening tells me that I probably shouldn't have shared that tidbit and now I look like a crazy person. Seriously, I am pretty sure that one of my co-workers thinks I am a bit off and looks at me a little odd because of the things I have told him that he just doesn't understand. The thing is they were all true things and who I am but maybe I should have just kept them to myself. 

Like the time it was Colby Jack's birthday. I had no problem telling anyone who would listen that his birthday was coming up and I couldn't wait to see him. But I may have gone into a bit too much detail with Matt, my co worker. You see, in my head it sounded fine, on the blog I happily shared, and Jamal went along with all of my shenanigans so I thought it was semi normal. Matt on the other hand, not so much. 

The day I headed home to celebrate Colby J's birthday I excitedly told him all of the plans I had. The buying him cupcakes, giving him presents, and just spoiling him all weekend long. I also shared about how since I wasn't home on his actual birthday that I skyped with him. At that point Matt was looking at me like I was morphing into an alien or something. I quickly realized that maybe I should have left that part out but it was too late and ever since I am convinced that Matt thinks I'm a loony. But what can I say? I just love my dog. 

But you see here, I had an eerily similar situation the next day with another co-worker. You'd think I would have learned my lesson. I was chatting with Andrea about Colby's party thinking she'd be more understanding since she is a fellow dog lover. And she was. She wasn't quite as thrilled about the whole thing as I was but definitely more understanding than Matt. So I thought we were doing good. Until we weren't. 

As the day went on we started talking about blogs. Not something that I often go into much detail about with people in real life but she seemed interested and said she wanted to start her own. So she asked what kind of blogs I like to read and that's when it really went downhill. 

I told her my typical read: lifestyle. But then I said that I also like mommy blogs. This was odd to her and she wanted to know why. So I told her that I like kids and reading about what they are up to, how the pictures are so cute, and that they are basically a lifestyle blog with kids. She thinks I'm weird now. All because I like mommy blogs. 

So yea, I guess I am the weird girl at work because I am obsessed with my dog and like kids. But I don't mind, they are just not coll enough :) and it could be worse at least I'm not known as the lazy one...or the paranoid person. 

Monday, May 12, 2014


HEY!!! I did it. I graduated. And it's pretty amazing. Yes, I know a few small classes stand in my way of my officially saying that but whatever. I crossed the stage so it counts. The day went by so quickly that I almost feel like it never happened. Not to mention I was tired and hungry for half of the day so my mood wasn't exactly the best. 

I started out the morning working. I know I should have asked for it off. But I didn't and it all worked out so it's okay. I got off at 12:15 and my college of business pinning ceremony started at 12:15. So I rushed out of work and went home to pick up Jamal. My mom and sister were already at the ceremony. Jamal was at my apartment with Colby Jack. We tried to leave but Colby kept barking. Normally he whines a bit but is okay but since he was in a new place he was not a happy camper. I couldn't leave him there barking because technically I shouldn't have a dog there. So after an argument with Jamal we decided that I should just go and he would stay with Colby Jack. So off I went and raced to the ceremony. I got there just as they started to call people to go on stage luckily. They called us up by major and everyone had the chance to say a little thank you speech. Surprisingly I wasn't even nervous about this! After everyone said their thank you's we were done and had a little reception and a photographer to take pictures with our families. 

After the ceremony and reception were over we waited for my aunt and grandma to come with Jamal. Colby Jack had settled down so Jamal was able to leave him alone thankfully. The ceremony was good. The beginning went by okay but by the end it felt like they would never get done calling names. I walked across the stage shook a couple hands and got my diploma holder. Then afterwards we took a couple pictures but it was kinda rainy and I was just ready to get home and eat. 

I wanted to eat in but no one liked my idea so it took us about an hour to all agree on something. In the end we stayed in :) My mom and aunt went out to get the food and came back over an hour later!!! While were were waiting we watched the Parent Trap. I hadn't seen it in forever, it is still a good movie. They got food from Massad's, Chipotle, Pita Pit, and Cold Stone for dessert! Crazy. It was all delicious though. 

I had been doing really good about having no desserts or treats this month but you can't say no when someone goes out and buys you a cookie dough ice cream cake from Cold Stone. It was my first ice cream cake from there and it did not disappoint. In fact, it exceeded my expectations. So so good. 

It was a fun day and I am so glad that my family came down to celebrate with me. I am so ready to knock these summer classes out and get on with life :)

And on a sad note, Colby Jack didn't get to stay with me this week. I was worried about not being able to get him to quit barking while I worked during the day so he went back home. But I am happy that he was able to spend by graduation day with me. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday

It's Friday and I made it through finals week. That's always a good thing. Today I'm going to join in on 5 on Friday with Natasha and friends. 

1. Colby Jack is going to stay with me next week!!!!!! I am so so so excited to hang out with him for an entire week. I haven't got to do that since the summer. I figured since I have no class and will be bored out of mind I could use the company :) Ahhh I can't wait. It's going to be great to see his little face everyday for a week. 

2. We have yearly audits at work. They ask you all these questions and look through everything. She comes for two days and does her questions on day one and uses day two to go through mounds of paperwork. I have been so incredibly nervous for this to happen. I should know all of the questions and for the most part I do but it is so nerve wracking when someone asks you them and you feel pressured and don't want to get it wrong. So you can only imagine my joy when I walked into work on Wednesday to see the auditor and found out she had been there on Tuesday too so that means I lucked out and didn't have to get questioned!! Woo hoo! I feel much better now. 

3. My graduation ceremony is Saturday. I can't believe that I am finally nearing the end of my college career. I still have to take summer classes but then that is it. I will be done. I don't know what I will do with myself. 
My drab brown tassel. Cute right. 

4. Jamal looked at one apartment yesterday and next weekend we are going to look at two more!! I can't believe how close it is now. I am so excited to share a place with him and to see his face every single day :)

5. These storms we have been getting are intense. Tons of rain, hail, and even tornadoes today!! I feel like since we had such a long winter I forgot what this kind of weather was like! It has been crazy. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Things I won't Miss About My Roommates

I am counting down the days until I move out of my first apartment. It used to feel like this day would never get here and now I can't believe how close it is. In a matter of weeks this will all be a memory. While I enjoyed (for the most part) living with three other girls there are just some things I will not miss about my roommates when I move out. 

They are messy. And dirty. And really really messy. I mean I am too but some are worse than others and I only claim the messy part, not dirty, that's just gross

Your items are never just yours. One of my roommates would use anything and everything in her sight even if it did not belong to her. She didn't think permission was needed either. 

There are no guys around to kill the spiders so you just have to scream a little then suck it up and do it. 

Some girls are lazy. I'm not saying that I'm not either but not rinsing off your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher while they have food on them. That's pretty pathetic and unsanitary. 

How one of my roomies would spill food on the carpet and then simply wipe it with her hands and call it good. This doesn't work so well with chocolate pudding and dark pop. 

The hair on the bathroom counter. I cannot stand it and must have a clean counter...oh wait, Jamal does that too. Dang it I can't escape it. 

The countless random men that would come over. Stranger Danger!!

The one that smoked pot and burned incense? Yea, I won't miss that at all. 

The insanity and annoyance of 3 of the 4 of us being non-confrontational. We would rather be irritated and complain to each other than speak up and solve the problem. 

Having to wait to get in the bathroom because I laid in bed too long so now someone is taking a shower. I will probably have this problem with Jamal too but I have no problem yelling at him to hurry up and get out. 

Sharing a bathroom with a (pretty much) complete stranger. We have two bathrooms and I am lucky enough to share mine with the girl who doesn't talk to anyone. Yea, I would say it's awkward. 

But even with all of these annoying things, overall they were great roomies and I am glad that they were mine. Well except for the girl that doesn't talk, I could do without that weirdness. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I am Ready and Wanting to Get Healthy

On May first I decided that I was ready to be healthier. I have wanted to be healthier for a while but could not get motivated to actually take the steps to do so. Then last week for some reason it just happened, I decided that I was ready to do it and so I did. I made a goal to be active every single day this month and to not eat any dessert. Then I made myself little calendars to help motivate me and see what I have done so far. Each day that I accomplish my goal I get to cross the day off. It's pretty exciting. 

But anyway I had been thinking over the weekend, why now. Why am I finally doing something to get healthier when I have been wanting to do so for months? Why didn't I start months ago? Or why did I actually do it this month versus watching another month pass me by where I took no action. I concluded that while previously I wanted to get healthy I wasn't ready

I think that in order to do something and succeed you need to both be ready and wanting to do it. So you see, I wanted it but I just wasn't quite ready to fully dedicate myself to it to be successful. It may have something to do with the fact that I am nearing the end of my college career and starting a new phase of my life, it could be the nice weather and it could just be time but whatever the reason I am ready, wanting, and going to get healthier. 

I may be just starting now but I have grand plans for the future and I intend on making lifestyle changes. I can't wait to start seeing slow changes. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Ring Shopping Together

Happy Monday and finals week (for me)! I am in such a great mood because I had such a great weekend. Jamal and I went ring shopping!!!!!! I have asked him numerous times to go and finally he made plans to take me, I couldn't believe it. We went to Wedding Day Diamonds and it was the best experience, I am so happy with how everything went. We couldn't have picked a better place to start our ring shopping. 

I think that going ring shopping together before he buys the ring is such a good idea. It allowed both of us to see what is out there in our price range as well as get an idea of what the ring will actually look like. Of course I have done plenty of online shopping but it was so different being able to actually hold and feel the ring. I still like the same style that I did before we went but it was so nice to be able to hold and try on the rings and know for sure that is what I want. 

Jamal has never looked at engagement rings before and knew nothing about what he was getting himself into so I think it was good for us to go together for the first time. We both learned a lot and are so excited for what is to come. 

I love how it was so stress free and there was no pressure for us to make any decisions. I think it's helpful going in as a couple saying that we are looking and have no intention of buying that day. Because I hate when I walk into a jewelry store and they are trying to sell me everything. It can be so annoying and it makes me just want to leave so I loved that they were so understanding of our desire to just look and we still got great customer service and had one salesperson work with us the whole time. 

And what I think is the best part about going and looking together is that we can see what each of us likes. Jamal was surprisingly picky about what he liked. It made me laugh. After a while we found a few that we both loved thankfully. Afterwards he said he was worried at first that it was going to take us forever to agree on something because he didn't like anything that I found. He was happy because one of my favorites was one that he picked out. So it's meant to be right? :)

It was so crazy and surreal feeling that we were sitting there with potential engagement rings for me that we both loved. By the end of our time looking I was ready to take one of those home with me haha! Soon enough. 

Did you go ring shopping together beforehand? Did he go by himself and you still loved it?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Final Colby Jack Update

Colby Jack is feeling 100% like himself these days and I couldn't be happier about it. His leg has not seemed to bother him one bit thankfully. We were supposed to go in for a final check up at the vet and get an x-ray but we decided to forego it. It just seemed like an unnecessary cost. He looks to be doing fine and not in any pain and if they did find something wrong with him, we truly just do not have the finances to fix his leg again. But like I said he has shown no signs of discomfort or pain so we were completely happy with this decision and felt it was best for us. 

I have now taken Colby Jack on a few walks and it seems that he forgot how to walk on a leash! He is just so happy to be outside and not cooped up in the house that he tries to take off running for the entire walk! It is a bit tiring but hopefully with some more walks he will remember how it works :)

The mites situation, we left his cone on him for quite a while longer because we were worried about his scratching and licking at the area on his stomach that we were insure about as time went it on and it got better we removed his cone and now it is pretty much completely healed. We have decided that it was most likely a big cut from his cone because it never spread and once it had healed a bit we could see more that it looked like a big cut rather than red bites. So that was a relief. He is still growing his hair back there but for the most part is all better. 

He is back to running circles around the house and jumping on and off the couch as fast as he possibly can. Even though it has been a couple weeks now since he has been able to move around and not be locked up he acts like it has only been a day. I love how happy he is to be free again and I doubt his excitement will wear off anytime soon. 

We are back to sleeping in the bed with him which is so nice. The entire time he was healing Jamal slept out on the couch with him so he could be in his little area and we wouldn't have to worry about him jumping on and off the bed or some other crazy antics he might think of. So thankfully that is all behind us now. 

So it was long long long nine weeks but we made it through and Colby Jack is feeling himself. I am so grateful that we were able to get the surgery and that our little baby is happy and healthy. Thanks again so much for all of your thoughts, prayers, and kind words while we were going through all of this. Here's to hoping for a less expensive year in terms of vet bills :) 

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