Friday, February 28, 2014

Guest Post from a fellow Minnesotan

I recently became part of a Facebook group called, "Minnesota Bloggers." I was really excited to find a group out there full of a bunch of Minnesotans! I needed some encouragement to get through this long Minnesota Winter. Oh, and no, we don't say, "ya betcha, don't you know" like in that movie "Fargo." I paired up with Brittany from Blissfully Britt for this blog swap. I have to agree that she has a pretty amazing name! :D

1. What is your blog about? What are a couple of your favorite posts?
My blog is called, "The Beauty Deputy" and it is a beauty blog where I review makeup, skincare, fragrances, and so much more! Of course my lovely pets Mirya (my Shiba Inu) and Molly (my tabby cat) show up in my posts too.

My favorites posts!
Elsa Inspired Makeup from Disney's Frozen, The Perfect 3 some: Naked 1, 2, &3My "Watch Mirya Grow" posts, and my "A Molly Only Post"

2. What do you like to do in your free time? (besides blogging of course!)
I am huge on family, so any time I can spend with them, I'm happy. Family game night is a must! I love going to the movies! I just went to the Lego movie tonight and I have that song stuck in my head. "Everything is AWESOME." Shopping is a weakness of mine, but it is so much fun! I love figure skating and I wish that I could do what those amazing Olympic figure skaters can do, or at least half of what they can do. In the Summer, I love bike riding and kayaking. Can't wait for Summer! One thing about Minnesota...Summers are way too short!

3. What tv show are you obsessed with lately?
This is a hard question, because I love quite a few tv shows. Right now "The Voice" just started this past Monday and I thought the premiere was the best so far out of all the seasons! I LOVE the show, "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland." I can't wait for it to start back up again. I just think the story between Alice and Cyrus is adorable! If you haven't seen this show, I recommend checking it out. You do have to be into the mythical type shows to enjoy it, which I love.

4. What is your all time favorite movie?
The Count of Monte Cristo!!! In my senior year of High School, my English teacher had us watch this movie. I am glad he did, because it ended up becoming my favorite movie. I recommended it to many people and we have all loved it. It does start out a little slow, but if you keep watching you will love it. It has a lot of themes such as: friendship, love, betrayal, and revenge. It is a book written by Alexandre Dumas. A very fat one I might add. I got the DVD and book together, although I do still have yet to read the book. Of course I love all my Disney movies! Xoxo Aladdin!

5. What is your favorite book?
Another hard question! I do love reading! I of course loved the Harry Potter books, but that is obvious! I will share with you this book that I absolutely adored. It is called Skyward by Mary Alice Monroe.
"E.R. nurse Ella Majors has seen all the misery that she can handle. Burned-out and unsure of her next step, she accepts the temporary position as caregiver to Marion Henderson, a frightened five-year-old who suffers from juvenile diabetes. But Ella soon realizes there is more sorrow in the isolated home than the little girl’s illness can account for. Harris Henderson, a single father, seems better able to deal with the wild birds he rehabilitates in his birds-of-prey sanctuary than with his own daughter. Then something magical begins to happen: the timeless beauty of the South Carolina coast and the majestic grace of the wild birds weave a healing spell on the injured hearts at the sanctuary. But a troubled mother’s unexpected return will test the fragile bonds of trust and new love, and reveal the inherent risks and exhilarating beauty of flying free." Information from Goodreads website. You can find more information here

6. Would you rather go skydiving or scuba diving?
Skydiving! I tried snorkeling before and I hated it, so I doubt I would love scuba diving. Although, if I had the opportunity, I would try it. I have actually thought about going skydiving before and asked a few of my friends. I probably would get to the point where they open the door and then freak out. But, there was a recent skydiving accident I read an article on so I don't think I will be doing that anytime soon. I wonder what has the greatest chance: getting eaten by a shark while scuba diving or parachute malfunction?

7. What is your favorite winter activity?
Ice skating!!! I am terrible at skiing and I have never tried snowboarding! But, I love ice skating, especially in an ice rink. This Winter has been way too cold and windy to go skating outside!

8. If you could live anywhere where would it be?
San Diego, California! I would also work at the Zoo because I would love to work with panda bears. That is my dream job!!!

9. Who was your childhood TV crush?
I was never really actor obsessed as a child. My friend made up for that for the both of us. She had a crush on everyone. But, growing up I loved watching, "Boy Meets World." So I would have to say Cory's friend, Shawn.

10. Who's your favorite superhero?
Superman! He is the best!
Well that concludes the questions! I hope you enjoyed it! Comment and let me know what you would respond to these questions! This blog swap was very exciting to do, especially with someone from good ole' Minnesota! Make sure to check out her answers to these questions on my blog too!!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blogmopolitan Quiz

Today Erin created another Blogmopolitan quiz and who doesn't love fun and easy post ideas?!? Sign me up! So here you go :) I missed out on round one a while ago so obviously I had to join in today.

So what are you waiting for?? Join in the fun here!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Feeling Blessed

As always with the days before I get to go home for the weekend I am counting down the hours but this time even more so because it means I get to cuddle Colby Jack and make him feel better. I Can. Not. Wait. I decided that today I should talk about some of the happy things going on in my life because I sure could use a reminder to brighten up my day.

~Have you ever heard of CareCredit? It is this amazing thing that is going to allow us to get Colby Jack's surgery done (I think). It is like a credit card for medical/dental/vet care. I got approved for it but we were hoping to get his surgery done this week before I made it home meaning I won't be there for the payment so we're still trying to figure that one out. But we did overcome one obstacle, finances, which is a miracle in itself and relieves a ton of stress.

~You guys. Everyone who has commented on facebook, instagram, and my post yesterday. You are amazing. It means so much to me that you took the time to say something and are thinking of and praying for us. Thank you so much.

~The fact that I have a job and Jamal has two. We are so lucky and grateful that we are both working right now. I keep telling Jamal how proud I am of him for working almost 80 hour weeks for our family. He doesn't think it is a big deal but it means the world to me.

~The time, love, and energy that my family is pouring into Colby J. I know it is a ton of work to care for him right now and I wish I were there to help but I'm not so since it can't be me I know that they are being great caretakers and I do not take their effort and help for granted at all. He is one of the most important things to me and I wouldn't trust him with anyone else right now (I barely can on a normal day without his injury-overly protective mom alert). So thanks mom, grandma, and sister. You are the best :)

Today Colby Jack has an appointment and we will be scheduling his surgery for later this week so I will keep you updated. My goal is to have him completely healthy and back to normal by his first birthday-April 24th :) That will give us just under two months after his surgery so here's to hoping.


Monday, February 24, 2014

The Weekend I Could Have Skipped

Hey friends!! I hope that you had an enjoyable weekend. I can't wait to read about yours because I sure could benefit from hearing about some fun. My weekend was quite the opposite, more of a "cry every day feel like you can't catch a break" weekend.

To start it off Friday night I called Jamal to see what he was up to and he casually tells me that he is taking care of Colby Jack and isn't sure if his leg is broken. Um WHAT?!?! Jamal accidentally tripped over a shoe and in turn stepped on him. So for a couple hours I was a compete mess trying to figure out what was going on. It was so hard not being there and trying to talk things over between him and my mom on the phone. I was pushing for them to take him to the emergency vet and thankfully they finally did because it turns out that his knee was in fact broken and will require a surgery and for him to get a pin put in. Cue the tears. My poor little baby is hurting and in pain and there is nothing I can do to help him at the moment. Heartbreaking.

The vet did say that if we choose to forego the surgery his leg will heal incorrectly and he will have a limp. Of course that is not what I want at all so we are trying to find some options and praying for a miracle.

Then on top of that Jamal flew to Chicago on Saturday to attend a funeral and had plans of driving back here with someone. He double checked on Friday about their homecoming plans and all was a go. Well come to find out once he gets there that person changed their plans and now Jamal has to find his own way back here Sunday. That means we have to buy him a flight for over $200. Not cool.

Thankfully Sunday didn't bring any more bad news but instead a reminder that we are blessed with the best of friends. In the afternoon my mom stepped outside to take Colby J out and found a little care package on the doorstep from our sweet friends Cody and Chelsey. I still cannot believe that they took the time to put together a little package for Colby and drive it to our house. It made all of our days and reassured me that it will all be okay.

That and some other friends letting me know that they had some money that they owed me ready were the perfect way of God letting me know that things will work out and that He is there.

So as you can see this weekend was quite expensive and my little heart and bank account can't take it. It was stressful for all and will continue to be for the next couple of months while Colby Jack is getting better. All we can do is take it one day at a time right now and try to remember that things will get better.


PS Thank you for all the comments on instagram!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Love Like No Other

One of the best compliments I have ever received was when a previous manager of mine told me that she loved how my face lit up when I talked about getting to see my family and she just knew how much I loved them. And I do, I really love my family. Like I am convinced that I love them more than the average person loves their family but I am sure that there are many people out there like me. Regardless, hearing how other people can see and tell how much I do love them made me so incredibly happy.

There are many members of my family that I don't see enough of and when I do get to see them it makes my day. Spending time with my aunts, uncles and cousins that I don't see on a regular basis is the best thing in the world to me. And one person in particular comes to my mind when I talk about my family. My uncle Eric.
Eric with his kids

I have looked up to him my entire life. He is only a few years older than me so our relationship has always been different than the typical uncle niece relationship people think of. He is more of an older brother who I don't see very often. My favorite memories are of when we were little and with my cousin and aunt we would go on bike trails and pick up turtles, snakes, and frogs to bring home as our pets.

I think of how special I feel when he invites me to hang out with him or makes an effort to talk to me. Even though many times his way of saying "I love you" comes out disguised and with playful remarks.

My Uncle Brian, me, Jamal, & Eric
I have always thought he was the coolest person. I am older now and see many of the dumb things he has done in life (jumping off a deck and breaking his legs, taking his parents car and driving into a cement wall, and countless other dumb things) he's far from perfect but my love and amazement will always be the same. He is my Uncle Eric and I will always cherish our time and unique relationship.

I am not really sure where I am going with this. I started out writing about the best compliment ever and ended up talking about how cool I think my uncle is so on that note I think I will finish this post. Who is your favorite family member? What makes them so special to you?


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sissy's Birthday Party

The weekends always go way too fast. I cannot wait for the day that I don't have to leave Jamal and Colby J on a Sunday night to come back to school. It is so close yet so far away. But onto the weekend.

For Valentine's day on Friday we didn't do anything super special. Jamal didn't get home until after 9 so he cooked us up a fancy dinner of chicken strips and fries and we got in an episode of 24 before we called it a night since he had to work in the morning. And Between his crazy work day he did manage to stop and get us some Nadia Cake cupcakes to share.

Saturday we celebrated my sisters 13th birthday. She had a party at Skyzone, an indoor trampoline park with all her friends and since she was one short of the maximum kids I got to join in on the fun :) If you have a trampoline park near you go check it out. It is so much fun and a great workout.
She's wearing all the scarves she was gifted
And this is her the morning after, real classy. No worries it's sparkling juice :) What kind of sister do you think I am??

That night I babysat Miss Riley until almost 1am and then got home and ended up sitting on the couch and just talking for two hours. It was fun to spend some time together with no electronics on and just chatting. And Sunday was a lazy day. We didn't do anything too exciting expect for a quick stop at Target.

Then Monday morning Erin revealed her big surprise of a blogcation and I couldn't be more excited about it. Some way I am going to make it happen! If you missed it you can see her post here. Are you going to go?


Friday, February 14, 2014

Cheap and Easy Valentine's Day Fun

Happy Valentine's Day!! I love a day where I can spread the love with everyone around and (for the most part) no one will think it's weird :) Friends, family and strangers; watch out I am feeling a little extra loving today. Last night I watched A little Bit of Heaven with one of my favorite actress's Kate Hudson and it just magnified my need to tell everyone how great they are and how much I care.

Well today I have for you a super quick, cheap, & easy Valentine Random Act of Kindness. Seriously so cheap and you can show multiple people the kindness. I spent under $2 and was able to make 32 people feel special.

Here's the deal.

Buy the cutest little Valentine's that you can find. I picked Minnie ones.

Then generically address them. I signed my name but if you want you could just write a basic "me" in the from part. I also included a little encouraging message.

And as you go about your day leave them in random spots for someone to find. I was on campus today so I left them on bus seats, computer keyboards, on the drinking station and anywhere else that I could find.

I was trying to be sneaky but I don't know how successful I was. So I hope that everyone who found one of my little Valentine's felt important and loved.

Have a great Valentine's weekend friends and don't forget to spread the love.

We can be the beauty in the world :)
Peace, L♥ve & Kindness,

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why We Work

I was thinking today, in about two months Jamal and I will have been together for five years. Five Years! That's a really long time. To think about all that we have been through in that time and how far we have come, it is pretty amazing. Here are just a few of the things that make us work and how we've somehow made it this far :)

~We are both perfectly content with spending the weekend in and catching up on our favorite shows on Netflix together

~He throws my clothes in the washing machine but knows to leave the drying to me

~We take turns being the designated driver and (almost) never complain

~He makes separate dinners for us and leaves all the gross food out of mine

~He gave in and Colby Jack is our bed mate even though he promised it wouldn't happen

~I agree to watch uninteresting movies and he understands that 20 minutes in I'll fall asleep

~We have never quit trying and are always working on improving our relationship

~I understand that he needs time with friends and he gets that "just us" time is essential for me

~Somehow he convinced me that a football/Bears themed family room is the way to go and I actually love it

~He'll never remember to clean the bathroom and I'm always here to remind him ;)

~Even though he is 6'3 and I am 5'0 we still fit together perfectly

I am so proud of us and how we have made it work. It wasn't and still isn't always easy but I promise you it has always been worth it.

Linking up today with Bonnie and Taylor


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The 20/20 Experience

Sunday was finally the day I had been waiting for. Justin was here in my state and I got to see him in person. An experience it was. Justin Timberlake puts on a phenomenal show. The man is absolutely incredible. But let's start at the beginning.

We were going to the concert with Greg and Karissa and had plans to meet at The Nook for dinner at 5:30 but of course we were all running late and with the long wait time we weren't able to eat there so off to Buffalo Wild Wings we went, can't go wrong with some parm garlic wings :)

After stuffing ourselves we were off the Xcel Center to see the man himself. Our seats weren't the best because I figured we could go cheaper this time around since we already saw him. It was still super good but if I could have I would have bought much closer seats. Either way I'm just happy that I got to go.

While we were listening to the DJ some guy came by with shirts saying that they were selling them half price upstairs versus the $40 down at the merch table. A part of me knew that wasn't true but I wasn't thinking it through and still decided to buy the shirt. And of course after the concert when we to see what was for sale I got sad because the real ones were much cooler. Oh well I saved some money I guess. But we got a fancy shot glass and my first poster in years that Jamal said we could frame. And he got a fancy hat to match the same one we got this summer but in a different color.

Greg and Karissa were party poopers and left only an hour after he had started singing. They missed the best part of the concert. The second half was amazing. The stage moved and he was so much closer to us. One of the things I've loved from both of Justins concerts I've been to is that he always sings a good amount of his older songs. It's fun to hear him sing my old faves. He also sang some lines from a few Prince songs which was great.
I love when he plays the piano. Nothing better.

Everything about the night was fantastic. Now I am just waiting for him to do his next album so he can go on tour again :) Don't make me wait so long this time JT.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

If Only In My Dreams

The concert was amazing. Justin Timberlake amazed me again and I am still in shock that just a couple days ago I was listening to his music live. But that wasn't the best part. After the concert ended we were in our seats waiting for the crowd to pass before we left. As we were walking down the stairs I see him coming towards me. Justin Timberlake was walking up the stairs right to me!!! Unbelievable right? But that's not even the best part either I stopped him and we talked! TALKED. I basically told him that I love his music and he puts on the best show that I have ever seen blah blah blah. Somehow I managed to keep it together and not break down in happy crazy status tears. And to end our conversation he gave me a freaking hug. So crazy. And yet pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to me. I felt like I owned the place because Mr. JT himself thought that I was special enough to hug. Swoon.

So obviously I am on cloud 9 and literally cannot even believe what just happened. Then wouldn't you know it I see Channing Tatum in front of me. He came to the show too. Well I couldn't just let him pass me by so I walked right on over and proceeded to introduce myself. And then...we hugged!!! Two celebrity hugs one night. All I could think is "is this real life?".

And then suddenly I wake up and I realize that no in fact it is not real life. And then I got depressed about the whole situation and hated that I even dreamt that in the first place. Like really? So inconsiderate to get my hopes up just for them to be shattered once Colby Jack licked my face. Just seconds ago I was the happiest girl on the face of the planet only to realize that it was all a dream. A stupid not real didn't happen dream.

But then I remembered that it was February 9th. The day that I would finally see Justin Timberlake in person again. Maybe not so up close and without the physical contact but hey I could deal with that. And just like that I was the most obnoxious girl screaming in joy about how she gets to see Justin Timberlake that night.

So yea, in my dreams right? haha wanna know how the concert really was? Come back tomorrow for an actual recap. Even though I didn't get to hug him or even talk to him for that matter it was still one of the best nights of my life.


Friday, February 7, 2014

A Mish Mash of Things

I have been waiting for this weekend for months and months. Why you ask? Well because on Sunday at 8pm once again I will be seeing The Great Justin Timberlake in person. Pretty incredible right? The man can do no wrong in my book; he's sexy, can sing, and can act. What else do you need? I am so so so excited to see him again. The first time I was in complete awe for the entire concert. I literally could not believe that I was actually there. I imagine that this time will be similar but maybe it will feel more real since it's the second time around and I won't feel like I am in the greatest dream of my life.
And on a more depressing note, I found out that my car is broken :( I need to replace my power steering pump and hose and it's going to cost me almost $900. No good. As a working college student I do not have that money unfortunately. I am dreaming of the days when big car repairs are still a pain but so much more manageable.

Next week some time I will be sharing a fun Valentine Random Act of Kindness that I will be doing.

And to end on a happy note here is a funny picture to make you smile :) which you can find on my Pinterest.

That concludes my mish mash of a post. Have a fun weekend!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Superbowl Weekend

It is already Tuesday!! I get to go home on Friday and on Sunday I will be reunited with Mr. Timberlake. Come on weekend, hurry up. Until then let's reminisce about the past Friday-Sunday to hold me over.

Friday I worked until 9 at night and was planning on heading home for the weekend in the morning/afternoon but I missed Jamal and Colby too much and couldn't wait another minute so I hopped in the car and made it home in time to chat with Jamal for a little bit before bed.

Saturday I was pretty pitiful. It was just me and C home, everyone else left us. Normally I would be fine just hanging out with him except for he slept the entire day! So needless to say I was bored outta my mind and couldn't find anything to entertain myself so I impatiently waited for Jamal to get off work. Then that night we watched a couple episodes of Chicago Fire before calling it a night.

And finally Sunday!! The day I had been waiting for so that I could feast on ridiculous amounts of food while hanging out with the cutest kids I know. We had a few of our friends over which included sweet little Jonah and Celik. So as you can imagine between the babies and the puppy I did not pay any attention to the game for the first half. But after halftime the kids had to leave because they were getting crabby and I watched the second half of the game although I don't know why we wasted our time. My delicious Rumchata cupcakes helped to ease the boredom ;)

That big black thing there is Jamal's snackadium. It was pretty cool, I may do a little tutorial on it. 

I failed to get any pictures of our guests so these will have to do (random ones from fb) so that you can see the cuteness I got to hang out with
Jonah my little love bug

Goofy Celik

Hey Minnesota friends! Anyone have a good recommendation of somewhere to get some drinks and apps in st paul semi near the xcel center?? Help me out!


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