Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Someday I will go to bed at a decent hour and not wake up exhausted every morning.

Someday I will stop waiting until the last minute to start that homework assignment.

Someday I will live with Jamal and Colby Jack full time again. 

Someday I will have a consistent workout routine. 

Someday I will be able to keep my room clean for longer than three hours. 

Someday I will learn how to do my hair in something a bit more exciting than a plain old ponytail.

Someday I will own all the Fossil purses and watches my heart could ever want.

Someday I will get monthly massages. 

Someday I will be brave and move out of state--Chicago here I come.

Someday I will take up Spanish again. 

Someday I will not have to work every weekend. 

But today? Today I will choose to be happy with the way things are :)

The Daily Tay


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Heart Happies

So right now I should be writing a ten page Affordable Care Act paper. But seriously, have you guys researched it at all? Talk about complicated. So here I am writing something far more exciting. Just some thoughts on some things that have made my heart happy lately.

1. This Bears T-shirt I bought for Colby Jack. Seriously how cute does he look in it?! He got a haircut over the weekend so I imagine that it is a bit more flattering now :)

2. Cinnamon Apple Spice tea. So. Good. Seriously add in a little honey if you like it sweet and perfection. I absolutely love this stuff.

3. I won a giveaway on Dawn's blog for two pillow covers from Feather Hen. I love them and can't wait to get some pillows for them.

4.  This video. Too cute not to share. How adorable is this little girl?? I want one...but not right now ;)

I hope I made you smile

Monday, October 28, 2013

Jamal's Birthday Weekend

This weekend was all about Jamal. On Saturday he turned 24!! So of course he wanted to celebrate his birthday. all. weekend. long. And he did not let me forget it haha

Thursday night when he got off we just relaxed at home at caught up on a couple episodes of Chicago Fire.

Friday was the big dinner night that I planned and was so excited for. But first we took pictures with Ashley and Christian. We went to a nearby park and had a fun little photo shoot then we all quick went back home to get ready for dinner. Here is a sneak peek. I will post more after I get them back from Ashley.

We met everyone downtown at Hell's Kitchen for dinner. On their menu they have kangaroo!! Some of the guys were pretty excited about that and they ended up being all out of it :( But everyone seemed to enjoy their meal anyway. We each had some drinks and Jamal got a brownie topped with peanut butter and whipped cream for dessert. True to me I only got pictures of the food. Oops.

                    ^^^those are pumpkin mashed potatoes, YUM!

Saturday when Jamal got off work we went over to Christian and Ashleys so Jamal could get a ride and meet up with the guys to grab dinner at a burger place and then they went to The Venue, formerly Insert Coins, this bar that has video games in it.

Well the burger was just okay and the bar absolutely sucked! They were lied to numerous times and just had an all around horrible experience. So Jamal and Christian met us girls back at their place and the guys played video games and drank while we chatted. For the first time ever Jamal got sick from drinking and we all know how I feel about puke so needless to say the night did not end so well for either of us. But he had fun so I guess that is all that matters.

And yesterday I had to head back to school early so I had to miss out on a pig roast at a local restaurant Jamal went to to watch the vikings games. Lame.

So it was a fun weekend for the most part and he had a good time which is the important part :) Now to start planning to make next year even better!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Dear Friday

Dear Jamal, it is crazy to think of all that we have gone through in the past year and yet how much more we have ahead of us. Happy happy (early) birthday. We will make this year a good one! I can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend. xoxox

Dear Friday, I have been waiting for you all week. Let the birthday festivities begin.

Dear Career Fair, sorry I am too awkward for you.

Dear Weather, thank you for warming up a bit so that I won't be freezing today while we take pictures with Ashley and Christian.

Dear Uggs, your time has come, I don't anticipate taking you off until April.

Dear Mother and Sister, thank you so so much for watching Colby J for us all the time.

Dear Life, thanking you for getting in the way and making Jamal forget to update his fantasy team this week so that I can win :)

Linking up today with Ashley for Friday's Letters

Have a great weekend friends!!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reigniting My Dream

How many of you are working in the career that you always imagined yourself in? If I had to guess I'd say not very many.

I have had my dream career picked out since I was 12. An FBI agent. At first when I told people that they thought I was crazy or kidding then as time went on they really liked the idea and started to believe I could do it. Then college Biology happened and I gave up on that dream. I thought that if I couldn't be in a lab with a fancy science degree then I would never be in the FBI.

My love for the FBI came about after watching Catch Me If You Can. I loved that movie. I saw it in theater twice and countless times at home on DVD. Ever since I first saw the movie I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

But like I said when I finally accepted that biology wasn't for me I just gave it up. What else was I to do? And so I have spent the past 5 years completely unsure about what I want to do with my life. I chose to go into to business because it seemed broad enough yet also a good degree to have but that didn't help me find my new dream.

Well I recently fell back in love with the FBI after perusing their website and discovering the business side of them. Of course they need business people to run the place! So I am back where I started 10 years ago and dreaming of being in the FBI again. Tomorrow they are coming to the career fair at my school and you better believe I will be there talking to them for as long as I possibly can-in between taking three tests tomorrow.

I am so excited and feeling hopeful that maybe, just maybe I could be in the FBI :)

So tell me what was your dream job when you were a kid? Did you really go into that career or do you have a new dream job?


Monday, October 21, 2013

The Next MasterChef

Have you ever watched the show MasterChef? It is an amateur cooking contest. Right now they are airing MasterChef Junior and it is simultaneously the cutest and most impressive thing that I have ever seen. If you haven't seen it I highly suggest you do so.

Currently they are picking the contestants for season five of the show...and Jamal auditioned! Cool right? Here's how it all went down.

Jamal loves everything about food. He loves to cook it, eat it, and learn about it. His dream is to open up one (or five) restaurants. We have watched this show together for a few seasons and we just happen to check the website at the right time and saw that auditions were coming up in just a few weeks. So he filled out the online application and was good to go for his audition in Chicago this past weekend.

Of course he had to dream up the perfect dish to serve in hopes of being picked and he made a variation of one of my favorite dishes from him :). Deliciously seasoned pork loin drizzled with cilantro lime sauce, coconut rice and beans, and Caribbean coleslaw. To test out the dish we had Ashley and Christian over last Thursday and it was a winner for all of us. There was hardly anything leftover it was so good.
This isn't the most beautifully plated dish and the sauce is missing but it's a good idea of how it looked 

Friday brought some challenges getting on the road but he, his mom, and his brother finally got going about 9pm and were on their way. They arrived in Chicago at about 4am, he got to cooking and then when he was done off to the audition. He was number 207 aka a long wait time. During the wait he at least got to see Graham Elliot in person.

It was finally his turn. Someone came over and tasted his plate. He said that the meat and sauce were really good and he didn't say anything bad about the dish. Then a producer came by and asked him some questions. After they test everyone's food in his group they pick a few to talk with more, Jamal wasn't picked. So we are figuring that he didn't make it and therefore he is probably not the next MasterChef. There is still a chance for a call back but either way no matter what happens I am  proud of him for going.

He is glad he went and now he can say that he tried out for a show! So it was all around a good experience. And who knows maybe next time around he will get picked :)


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Learning To Trust

These past few months have been hard. I like structure and schedule. I like having a plan. I like money. And without any of that I get a little stressed out. The fact that I don't have a job means that I don't have any of the above.

I have no idea when I will get a job so it makes planning hard. I more so have a schedule that is lacking. And having a lighter schedule with no work is more stressful than one with it. And I am sure that everyone can understand that having no fun money is no fun at all. 

I am trying my best to trust God and know that it will all work out but it is not easy. I like control and to know what comes next and between having no job/money and not knowing what the next year will hold for me. I am going a little crazy. I want to plan everything out but I really have no idea what will happen in the coming months and years. 

A part of me is saying just trust and God will work everything out and provide for me but a much larger part is screaming "what do we do with no plan? we're screwed" so easy it is not and I can't help but think of the what if's even though they are of no benefit to me. 

So I try to remember that I have ample time to really focus on school and that yes everything will be okay.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Hey! That's My Dog!!!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend. The weather was actually super nice over here so that was exciting. Alright today I have a bit of a pity party/get over yourself post-->as in I need to get over myself but while I write this post I am going to revel in my frustration and then call it good.

As you all know I got my sweet Colby J a few months ago. I showed him off to all of my friends and all was good, until now. Apparently a couple friend of ours liked him a bit too much (I am using the term "friends" loosely here, they are more so friends of friends). While perusing fb last week I found a picture of this couple with a new puppy that looked eerily similar to mine. Say what?!

The male part of this couple said no way no how would they get a dog anytime soon. So imagine my surprise when I saw the picture of their new dog. But this wasn't just any dog because then my complaint would be insane but this dog is pretty much a replica of my dog. In case you missed that I will say it again, they went out and bought my dog! Who does that?

Now theirs is a different color and slightly different breed. Colby Jack is a Bichon Poodle and theirs is just Poodle. But they look very similar as you can imagine. At this point you might be thinking that I am a little insane in the membrane and I should get over myself. But for real. Kinda annoying.

And things would be different if said couple hadn't been so adamant about not getting a dog/ got a different breed/ talked with us/ were better friends but that is not the case and therefore I am upset. Also I won't deny that I enjoyed being the only couple with a puppy in this particular group of friends.

And now that I got that off of my chest I shall not think of it anymore :) If you feel so inclined go ahead and let me know you agree with me, it will make me feel justified.


Friday, October 11, 2013

That's What She Wrote

I found out about this link-up and thought it would be fun to do. So here I am. This is all that my brain could come up with this week-one track mind. Nothing in this story is true or even based on a truth, just wishful thinking :)

That's What She Read
He had it all planned out. He talked out the details with everyone involved in tonight and tonight was finally the night he would make her his fiance. Her mom was watching their dog and has firm instructions to not tell a soul what was about to happen. Her friend, the photographer, would be waiting for them outside of the cafe, and the hotel room was set up with a few bottles of their favorite wine and some Lindt chocolates. Tonight would be perfect. There was a soft snowfall and it wasn't too cold.

He told her to dress up for dinner; they were going somewhere nice. They left the house in time to make it for their 7:30pm reservation at the cafe for dinner. They arrived right on time and ordered a bottle of wine to start. They shared an appetizer and enjoyed their dinner. They had easy and comfortable conversation and chatted for another hour after they finished their meal. He was as calm as usual and she had no idea what was coming.

Unknowingly to her the last few minutes before they left the cafe her friend was outside and had snapped a few shots of them through the window. After dinner he suggested that they take a walk around since the snow was so pretty. They walked on a trail along the river and had a perfect view of the city. They slowed under a streetlight. He looked into her eyes and kissed then before she knew what was happening he was down on one knee.

She was in shock and couldn't believe it was finally happening- he was proposing!! He told her how much he loves her and how he wants her in his life forever, then he pulled out the most beautiful ring and asked her to be his wife. She was ecstatic. Tears were streaming down her face as she said yes and he slipped the ring on her finger. She bent down to kiss him. They kissed because they were happy, they were in love, and they were finally engaged. A few minutes later her friend emerges from the trees. She is shocked again! Her friend was there to capture the whole thing on film?!

She and her friend laughed and cried and talked and then they had a little photo shoot outside. They took pictures on the trail, in front of the cafe, and in front of a nearby hotel. Then he suggested that they go inside and take a few pictures in the lobby. She of course protested- you can't just go into a hotel and take pictures. That's when he told her they had a room for the night. The surprises just kept coming. They went inside, took some pictures in the lobby and then her friend left. They went up to their room, opened a bottle of wine and enjoyed being together, being engaged.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Fancy Food and a Crappy Mood

This weekend and rainy and gray, kinda like my mood was. I got some not so exciting news on Friday that means I still have no job. But even though that put on damper on things I still did some fun things.

Thursday I met up with my friend Colleen for a late lunch at Wilde Roast Cafe. We had never been here before but loved it. The food was great and I will for sure be going back. We got the rosemary chicken with blanco sauce flat bread and the garlic parm fries with sriracha mayo. So good.

Then later that night Jamal and I went out bowling with Ashley and Christian. There is a bowling alley by their place that has free bowling Thursday nights and the guys own shoes so all we had to pay for was shoes for us girls. Yay. It was a fun time and I did decent. Christian was having the time of his life dancing around the whole night. Pretty entertaining.

Friday was a lazy day and the bearer of bad news so Colby Jack and I spent most of the day watching TV and being lazy.

Saturday  morning we celebrated my aunts birthday with some cake and then went to get some free chic-fil-a at a new location opening up by us.

Right after Jamal and I went to Taste! and it did not disappoint. There were so many different wines and beers to try and some yummy food to keep us full. They had a few demonstrations from local chefs throughout the event. We sat and watched the last one by Vincent Francoul the owner of Vincent A Restaurant and home of the delicious Vincent Burger in Minneapolis. He demonstrated his scallops and potatoes with leeks dish. I am not a fan of seafood but Jamal said it was good. Then afterwards he went and talked with him and Vincent invited him to tour his kitchen!! Very cool.

And we finished the night off with Pizza and 24

Sunday was just spent hanging out and doing nothing. It ended up being a pretty good weekend despite my crabby mood.


Friday, October 4, 2013

I Have Cute Aggression

Happy Friday!! I am so excited for this weekend. I just know I will have a good recap for Monday :)

Earlier this week Sar posted this video about the science of happiness. I was intrigued by it so I watched the other video by the people, A Study of Cute Aggression. It was so interesting and so me. I know this might sound a little crazy but let me explain.

You can watch the above video and it tells you about what cute aggression is but I'll give you the quick version too. Finding something so cute that you are aggressive to it but not because you want to hurt it but because you are just so happy and love it so much.

So now I know. I have cute aggression. I tend to say that I am a violent person but I don't think in a negative way. Sometimes I look at Jamal and just want to punch him just because. Well now I know it's because he is just so cute. It is kind of like when you see a baby animal that you just want to squeeze-same idea.

As crazy as it sounds it makes sense right? I bet you have had a moment of cute aggression.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rainy Day Thoughts

It was a rainy rainy night. And for some reason I had a horrible time sleeping. I am not one of those people that love to sleep while it rains but it also doesn't bother me usually so I don't know the culprit but it was a long night.
I didn't even make tea this morning to wake me up

Today I am going to get fingerprinted for my new job. I don't know about you but it creeps me out a bit knowing that I can never commit a crime now. Juuuussssttttt Kidding :)

Today I have plans to see two friends of mine that I haven't seen a while. Catching up will be fun.

I have yet to buy Justin's album because I am broke :( Don't tell me how amazing it is.

I cannot wait to start working!! I have been bored out of mind with all of this free time.

Two new shows that I am loving are The Blacklist and Betrayal. You should check them out. Is anyone else like me and prefer to start watching a show after a season or two has already passed? I like this so that I can serial watch versus having to wait a whole week for the next episode.

And that is about all that my brain can come up with for today. Catch ya on the flip side


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Let Me Introduce You

So last week I mentioned that we had a roomie night here but I never introduced you to my roomies. How Rude (Stephanie style). Considering the luck that I have had with roommates in the past I think I fared out quite well this time :) (maybe for Halloween I'll share my roommate horror stories)

First up Jessica...

She is the oldest and therefore wisest amongst us. She works as a waitress I believe and is a nursing student. She obsessed with Duck Dynasty and has a fishy. Friendly, loud and I like her.

Next up we have Crysta...

Another loud one over here. Her laugh can be heard across the apartment. She is a fellow lover of PLL and Revenge. She will be graduating this year with a community health degree but she is a wanna be dental hygienist. Hardcore leopard cheetah leopard(?) print fan.

And lastly we have Adrianna...

Who to be honest is as much of a mystery to me as she is to you. She is hardly here, where she goes no one knows. And when she is here she is in her room with the door yea. Hence her absence at Roomie Night. She seems nice when I catch a glimpse but who knows.
** I stole everyone elses pictures from FB but I feel it fitting to not post one of Adrianna

And now after typing this up I realize that I really hardly know them at all or I just suck at describing people. So not quite an exciting post as I was initially hoping but it is what it is.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Things I Said I'd Never Wear/Do/Have

It's October!! This year is just flying by and I don't see it slowing down. Seriously this month is Halloween then before we know it Thanksgiving/Christmas/NYE all right in a row!! Woah!

Have you ever seen someone wear/do/have something that you thought was ridiculous and promised you would never wear/do/have? Maybe your denial only lasted for a week before you caved or maybe it was years but I bet you can think of something that you once despised now has your heart. I know I can think of a few...

Back in the day when I was a wee little one in middle school I told my aunt that I would never ever wear thongs. Gross. Little did I know that just a year or two later I wouldn't leave the house without them on. Granny panties are so elementary school! And then yoga plants took the world by storm and I think you can see I would have a dilemma if I kept up my no thongs rule.

Oh I've got another. Uggs. You see when I first saw these things I thought they were hideous. Why on earth would people wear they ugly fuzzy boots? Again I promised that I would never be caught dead in them. And as it would be a few years later I found a pair that I kind of liked and over time decided that I had to have them and I haven't looked back since.

But wait there's more! I kept my fancy touch screen cell phone with a keyboard for as long as I could. I loved that thing and straight up touch screens sucked. How can you type on them? Well as the world would have it my cute phone with a keyboard broke and I had no choice but to go all touch screen. It wasn't so bad. I even converted from Android to Apple recently!!

I know I can't be the only one with this one. Skinny jeans. When I first saw these things I thought the world had gone mad. Why would you want to wear these pants that make your feet look huge and accentuate your thighs?! I stood strong on this one for a while. It wasn't until after high school that I discovered the beauty of skinny jeans. They were made for me to wear with my Uggs :)

And last but not least and one of my recent obsessions would have to be scarves. The things is, I didn't have any hate towards them just a general feeling that they would look terrible on me. I thought they looked great...on others. Then one day I just decided that I wanted to be cute and cozy too so I did something a little crazy and went out and bought one!! And what do you know now I can't stop.

Did you ever hate any of these things? Do you still? What other things have you changed your mind about??

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