Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's A Love Hate Thing pt 2

The season of school always brings with it some mixed feelings. So here is another edition (yea I've only done this once a few months ago, so what) of It's A Love Hate Thing

I LOVE that I get out of class before 11 on Tuesday and Thursdays. But I HATE that I start at 8am! Gross. 

I LOVE being closer to school and not having to commute anymore. But I HATE that my favorite boys are two hours away. 

I LOVE that fall is coming upon us. But I HATE this nasty humidity and 90+ degree weather we have to go through to get it. 

I LOVE that my birthday will be here in a couple months. But I HATE that we can't take a vacay this year because I'm a broke college student. 

I LOVE that all my fave TV shows are coming back. But I HATE the hours I waste watching them all.

I LOVE that I haven't worked for the past month. But I HATE that I have no money.

Have a happy hump day friends! The long weekend is near :)


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Perfect End To An Amazing Summer

This summer kinda flew by, like most do. So much fun happened this summer that I wish it would never end, but alas here we are in the first week of school again. And for that reason I am going to look back on some of the fun that was had and pretend my days are still filled with everything but homework.

At the end of July we went to the NE Minneapolis puppy parade. We took a short walk through town, got a lot of freebies and then ended the parade with some fun dog contests (best costume, look alike and so on) and a flea market with a lot of cool things to buy for your furry friend.

The first weekend in August I had my good-bye party for work. We went to Time Out. I was less than impressed with the service of the bartenders and the place was slow all night but I still had a ton of fun with my co workers drinking and dancing the night away.

This past weekend we house sat again. It is always good to get away and relax in someone else's home, especially when they have a pool, pool table and on demand :) We also went to the Great Minnesota Get Together AKA the state fair. We went with my aunt and uncle and their s/o's. We didn't try as many things this year but it was still fun. My most absolute favoritist thing that I ate was the double bacon corn dog.

It was literally heaven on a stick. Bacon wrapped corn dog. Bacon bits in batter. Topped with more bacon bits. And then some syrup to dip it in. So amazingly terrifically fantastic. After that I knew that I could end my summer happy.

And so another summer has come and gone. Soon will be the days of boots and scarves and wind so sharp it hurts your nose. But forever we have the memories we've made.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Not Quite Like Home

So last night was my first night in my new apartment and away from the two loves of my life-Jamal and Colby J. It was a rough night for sure. I missed having Colby with me in bed, I missed ending the night with an episode or two of 24 with Jamal, and I missed the familiarity and comfort of my house. 

I feel like I am staying at someone else's place. I don't know where anything is in the kitchen, nothing outside of my room is mine, and I am just trying to figure out how this whole thing works. 

My new roomies are great and I LOVE my room but it just isn't home yet. And really I don't know that it ever will be without my two sidekicks. 

This picture is from almost two months ago and he has since doubled in size!!
I know that I am here for the sole purpose of finishing up school and getting that degree but it doesn't make it any easier. I get to go home this weekend and I already am counting down the hours until I get to see those two handsome faces. 

I know this is a bit of debbie downer post but things really aren't that horrible. I am just missing home. But today is the first day of classes and I am ready to take on the new semester. 

Have a lovely rest of your day and tomorrow I will be back talking all about how I finished off my summer in the best way possible. 


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Justin Timberlake. Chicago. Need I Say More?

So here I am finally getting around to recapping our trip to Chicago. We had the time of our lives exploring the city and imagining what it would be like to make it our home. I saw new areas of the city and fell in love all over again. I ate more food than I should have but don't regret one single bite, hey we walked a lot. And of course the highlight of the trip and reason for our visit was that I got to see Mr JT in person. I can now die happy.
My attempt at a panorama of the city...the cars are going into the future

This one turned out a little better :) still a little off though

We got in late Thursday night/early Friday morning and crashed at Jamal's grandparents. Then Friday morning we headed downtown to the Magnificent Mile for a chocolate tour. We visited 7 different places tasting various chocolate items. Everything from tea to doughnuts to cookies. It all was delicious and so very sweet.
I loved these frames they had throughout the flowers on the sidewalks, so fun. 

After that the days kind of blend together but I will share the highlights. We ate at a few gourmet sausage places. Had our favorite chicken and waffles and had my first bite of Gino's East deep dish pizza.

We went to this fun new micro brewery and restaurant Dry Hop. The food was so good and the beer wasn't too bad either. A must see was the Wiener's Circle, the place that is open late and serves up rude comments with the food. Sadly we went during the day and therefore they weren't inappropriate :( We found our new favorite place for breakfast, Yolk. I had the best french toast of my life, lemon poppy seed bread, cream cheese filling, and topped with strawberries and blueberries. Divine.

I had to visit my favorite popcorn place Garretts a couple times. Walked up and down the lake and saw the Buckingham Fountain. And finally made it to Millennium Park and The Bean.

Then the highly anticipated night was upon us. Monday night AKA Justin Timberlake breathing the same air as me. The day started out great but quickly went downhill. We didn't leave early enough to go get a nice dinner so Al's Beef it was. That made me grumpy. But it was close to Solider Field where the concert was so it was all good until it wasn't.

This is where I start to hate Chicago. We were less than a mile away from our destination when we came to a complete and absolute stop. Did you read that? Less than a mile and then for some insane reason it took us AN HOUR to get to the parking lot that was LESS THAN A MILE AWAY. ONE HOUR > ONE MILE. You have got to be kidding me Chicago. You trust that it was not a pleasant ride, I don't do good when I am late. But the hate doesn't end there.

We finally get to the Soldier Field parking lot only to discover that it costs FIFTY DOLLARS to park. Joke? I wish. So yea it wasn't a great experience getting to the concert but once we were there you better believe that I couldn't contain my excitement.

They (Jay Z was there too) didn't show up til 9:30pm for the 8pm concert which would have been fine had they had someone open for them but it was just a DJ. Not a bad one but still. But as soon as he set foot on that stage my heart was as happy as could be. The concert was phenomenal. He sang songs from his first and second album which was so incredible and made me feel like I was at the past concerts that I had missed.  And I just don't really know what to say about the night other than it was amazing and I can't wait to do it again in February (minus the crazy traffic and ridiculous parking prices). I wish I could convey how much fun it was but it is impossible. You'll just have to trust me and go see him for yourself, you'll understand then.

We ended that night with a stop at a diner and then we were on our way back home the next afternoon. It was such a fun trip as usual. Chicago does not disappoint. 

And now that concludes the longest post ever. Hope I didn't lose you; the ending is worth it :)


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Motivation Is Lacking

There is not a whole lot going on lately other than applying for jobs and waiting til the last possible moment to move down to school- not because I don't want to go but because I don't want to leave my boys behind.

I really enjoy making lists even though I lose most of them. At least when I make them here I know they aren't going to thrown away ;)

  • I really suck at replying to comments/emails. I am not sure why but I have no problem reading them but that is as far as it goes. I am attempting to reply as soon as I read it but for some reason it is the hardest thing! Working on it though. 

  • Jamal got a job!! I know you don't know but this is HUGE. He has been out of work for almost a year due to some unfortunate things but we are so so so happy that he is now employed again! 

Celebratory dinner at Red Cow

  • I went to a website to estimate how big Colby Jack will get and it said 8 lbs!! His breed doesn't usually get more than 15 lbs but if the site is right he will be half that size! I am really excited about that, I just love how little he is. 
    I am so in love with this little face

  • One of Jamal's friends who moved out of state last year and going to be moving back this spring. I am really excited for him to come home and he will possibly be roomies with Jamal. 

  • I have decided on my next tattoo. I am really excited about it and love it. I had been contemplating what I wanted for a while now and then while sitting in church Sunday the perfect idea came to me! I will get it hopefully within the next couple months and share then :)

And this has been the latest installment of procrastination blogging material. I don't know why but I have some fun things I have been up to the past few months to blog about but I just don't feel like it. Maybe tomorrow. 

PS check out what I did to my design, I know nothing major but hey at least I can do some things :) being unemployed is keeping me from being able to have my design done by a person who actually knows what they are doing and instead forces me to be creative and have some patience.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Update

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I sure did and it is getting hard to imagine that soon my carefree summer days will be over and once again studying and homeworking will be consuming my life. Well I had a semi interesting weekend so here it is.

Thursday I went with my aunt Priscilla to pick up her new daughter for the year. She has an exchange student from Germany that will be staying with her.

On Friday I celebrated my friend Ashley's 21st since I was in Chicago on her birthday last month. We went to The Paint Pub and proved ourselves to be artistic. This was my 2nd time there, 1st being almost a year ago now with my MN Ladies, read here. Ashley and her mom chose to do another painting just by looking at it while I opted to stick with the class. All of our turned out great I think and I can't wait to hang mine up.

Saturday we didn't have plans just lounged around. In the afternoon I found out I got the night off from babysitting so I went to a bonfire at my aunt Nickie's house. It is always so much fun to see all of my family since they all live on the other side of town. There was a lot of yummy food and drinks, including moonshine cherries!! Yea, they were not my fave ;)

Then on Sunday it was Priscilla's birthday so we had cake at her place and got Smashburger for dinner. And as usual Jamal and I finished out the weekend with a couple episodes of 24.

Enjoy the last weeks of summer friends!!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sometimes Life Gets Hard

I love blogging. I love the community of it, the shared experiences, and the outlet that it offers me. I enjoy reading blogs of all kinds, but my favorite are those of the girl who shares her life, the good and the bad. The one who you can really relate to because it isn't smiles every single day. The one who happily shares of great times but also isn't afraid of writing it out for all to see when she just isn't having the best day. This post was inspired from Lo and she is does a great job at this. She is so real in her blog and truly what you read is who she is. I'd know, I've met her ;)

So anyway the point of all of that was to say that this past year has been rough miserable. Yes I have had many great times this year but it has also been one of the most stressful times as well. My mom and I have fought. A lot. We have had now 3 different occasions this year where we have gone at least a week without talking at most a month. A month!! Now when you read that it may not sound like that long of a time...but WE LIVE TOGETHER. In the same house. So yea a month without talking is a lot. And trust me you could have felt the tension.

I don't want to get into any specifics but we are currently in intense fight  number three. And I am over it. I cannot handle the stress. It has been far too much and affected every single aspect of my life. This isn't healthy. I feel a little better writing it here and telling you all. But I am just so overwhelmed by it all.

Jamal has been a lifesaver. I am so so so thankful that he is here with me through this all. He sits by me and calms me down, tells me when I am being a bit too stubborn, and just is a happy piece of my life.

I hope that you read this post and take it as it is. My mom truly is a great person and for the most part we have had a great relationship in life. Right now we are just figuring things out with me being an adult and all now. So currently I am just praying about everything and believing that it will all work out.


Monday, August 5, 2013

A Weekend of R&R

Now that I am done working (for the time being) I finally had a weekend worth talking about.

Wednesday: Was my last day of work!! It went by quick and painless for the most part.

Thursday: Move in day!! As usual I procrastinated on packing, but this time I never really even got around to it. So Thursday morning I just kind of threw a few things in bags and called it good. Needless to say I have  lot of packing to do before I move in officially. I am back at home right now and will be back at my apartment sometime before school starts. I can't wait to finished decorating and show you!!

Friday: My first day with nothing planned in weeks so I took advantage of that and literally sat on the couch all day long. It was lovely. Then that night I had my going away party for work. So much fun. Full recap coming soon.

Saturday: We got lunch with Greg & Karissa and kids at My Burger. Normally when we go out I get chicken but the burger of the month was all about bacon!! So of course I had to get that. And it was amazing. Bacon cheese, Thick cut bacon, and bacon ailoi?? I'll take 5 more please. After lunch we walked all the food off at Lake Calhoun. This was the longest walk Colby Jack has been on and he loved it (just over 3 miles).
*Every time we go out no less than 10 times we are asked what type of dog Colby is, next time we are going to keep a tally just because we find it funny :)
Of course I ask Jamal to take pictures of the lake and this is what I get

I ended the night babysitting aka jumping on the trampoline and running around for another 2 hours. My poor legs.

Sunday: Again I took advantage of having nothing to do and just hung out at home. Watched some episodes of 24 and played with Colby Jack.

It was a fun weekend knowing that I had nothing to do and could stay up as late as I wanted without having to work in the AM. Of course now that the weekend fun is done I am slightly stressing about not having a job and so the hunt begins.

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