Thursday, July 25, 2013

Random Thoughts In My Head

I am back! And feeling lazy so no vacay recap yet. Coming soon and I promise you don't want to miss it, Justin Timberlake is involved!! But for today I have a few randoms thoughts flowing through this brain of mine.

1. I got my first battle wound from Colby Jack tonight. I have had a few scratches here and there from him but tonight while we were playing he actually bit off a chunk of my arm!!! Okay so it wasn't that horrible. But it did hurt and Jamal just watched and laughed. Rude.
Yes we need to trim the hair around his eyes, poor baby can't see

2. So Colby whenever I play with Colby he is fine with his toys until he gets that first taste of my hands and then it is game over. No matter what toy I put in front of his face he only wants to play with my hands. Why oh why?

3. Do you ever "write" our blog posts in your head and think it is brilliant only to actually write out something completely different when you sit down to type it and it isn't n early as good? Happens to me all the time.

4. I LOVE Chicago. A Lot. And I kinda want to move there when I finish school. Jamal and I talked about this constantly on our trip and now that we are home he hasn't said a word. It has been on my mind every day but I am sure he has forgotten.

5. And about talking about future possibilities, I always feel the need to talk about something until there is nothing left to say about it and then we have to talk about all those same things again! I have no idea why I do this but it drives Jamal crazy.

Now I am off to catch up on blogs and not do homework or pack. The life of a procrastinor.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I am now a little over two weeks away from my move-in date for my new apartment two hours away from home, Jamal and Colby Jack. Today I put my notice in at work and tonight now I can't stop thinking about the road ahead.

Transitioning can be a fun thing but also a scary thing. As excited as I am for this new venture I am nervous about paying more bills and not having a job yet. I am also heartbroken about not seeing Colby Jack every day. It is so hard to leave a secure job behind and not know what is ahead of me. And my friends? I know I won't see them nearly as much.

So living in the unknown right now is a little nerve wracking but I know that it will all work out. I used to think that life was going by too slow and I was so ready to graduate from college, get married, ect. Now that I am moving out and going in what will hopefully be my last year of college I feel like it could slow down just a little. Give me some time to catch up.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's Bear! It's a Hair Ball!

No wait! It's a BichPoo and he goes by the name Colby Jack!!

Meet the newest member of our family. He is even cuter than he looks in these pictures and as tiny as they come. He has stolen all of our hearts and keeps us entertained all day long with his antics. But maybe I should start from the beginning.

Last Saturday my mom was looking at dogs on the internet. This is a big deal. I have been asking for a puppy a lot lately but she always says no. So to see her looking some cute pups up herself is a step in the right direction. I got her to take a little quiz telling her what dog would fit her and a Bichon was one of the options. Since she didn't think anything else was cute I had my one and only choice. So I got to looking; found and called someone and Sunday morning Jamal and I were off to pick up our new baby.

When we got there Jamal quickly bonded with one of the little guys and that was who we brought home. Little Colby Jack. And ever since we haven't taken our eyes off of him...literally otherwise he might pee.

So to say that I am obsessed with our newest addition might be an understatement. I cannot get enough him and look forward to coming home every single day to see his little face.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Real Life Took Precedence

So I kinda took a week off from blogging. But I am back now. I was house sitting all last week and had multiple people over Every. Single. Day. Not that I am complaining at all or anything but jeeze was it exhausting. We had a ton of fun and good laughs but I am so glad to be home.

The 4th was the busiest of all, we had people coming and going all day long. My mom made some awesome color themed snacks and much time was spent poolside but I barely took any pictures the entire week! Here are a few that I managed to capture.
My attempt at patriotic nails

I was really proud of my awesome light glasses and tumbler

Now I am off to catch up on the blog posts that I missed over the past week...this might take a while. I hate missing an entire week of blog life but Chicago is coming up in TEN DAYS!!! Soooo this may be happening again soon. What can I say? It's summertime :)
But if you miss me be sure to stay up to date by following me on insta @blissfullybrittanymorgan

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