Thursday, May 30, 2013

SoundSet Losers

So yesterday I mentioned that I went to this music festival called Soundset, a hip hop festival. Supposedly it is kinda a big deal. People like MacMiller, Atmosphere and Snoop Dog were there among many others.

I had never head much about this but my bestie Ashley texted me a few days before it to ask if I wanted to go. I wasn't about to spend $60 going to this concert I never heard of to see bands I never heard of so I scoured Craigslist for cheaper tickets. I was in luck and found 2 for $45 each! Originally it was just supposed to be Ashley and me going but last minute we invited the guys along.

Since none of us had ever been to Soundset we had no idea what to really expect. So of course we had to be there right away. Well as luck would have it was a cold day. Freezing in fact. Like crazy winds and no sun at all. And we were underdressed.

The first few hours of the festival were all people performing that no one has ever heard of. So we walked around to see what there was to do. We found some people do graffiti and watched that for a while. We also found the car show. Very interesting they had everything from your basic car you would see driving down the road to cars with crazy hydraulics to cars with as I like to say, a party in the trunk.
It is kinda hard to tell but the trunk of this is filled with speakers. The back seat has a huge screen TV and a comfy couch!! See what I mean? A party!

After the car show we found some people break dancing on a stage we they watched that for a while, I personally couldn't see anything that was going on. And at this point we had been there for over 3 hours and I am pretty sure hypothermia was kicking in. Okay I may be exaggerating a bit on that but we were all ready to head home and find some warmth. So we left.

We didn't get to see Snoop Dog. But really I am not that heart broken over it. It was something to experience but really just not my scene. Everyone just walks around drinking and smoking pot all day. No Thanks. I guess I am glad to say that I was there and tired it but not something I plan on going back to.

And so I have dubbed us the SoundSet losers. Maybe if it were nice and warm and sunny it would have been different. Or maybe not.

After we left there we went to Ashley and Christians place to play some Horse...And dog and alligator ;)
A handy dandy basketball hoop set up on their patio door :) Brilliant!

Have you ever been to SoundSet or any other music festivals? Do you love them or hate them?


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Weekend: Friends, BBQ, and Movies

With my new summer schedule I don't when to blog, before I would do it at school during my spare time but now that I am home I feel like I have other things that I should be doing. Like watching TV. Hmm I am gonna have to figure this out. Anyways...wordy post ahead

I worked every day except for Sunday this past weekend yet I somehow found myself having a great fun weekend in between my working hours.

On Thursday we over to have dinner with our friends Cody, Chelsey and their adorable baby Celik. Chelsey made us some delicious baked ham for dinner and the after we took a trip to Home Depot to try and put baby to sleep. We failed.

It was fun catching up with these guys since it has been a few months since we have gotten together and then on Monday they came over to our place for a Memorial Day BBQ. So we got a double dose of them this past weekend!! Sadly though they informed us that they are trying to move back home to N Dakota so these visits will soon become far and few between.

Friday I caught up with Jamal and Greg in the middle of watching 2 Fast 2 Furious, they were having a marathon in preparation for Fast and Furious 6 to later be seen that night with a few other good friends. I don't remember the 1st two movies so as far as I recall Fast 5 is my favorite of them all! Six was good but I kinda felt that towards the ending it was getting to be a bit far fetched.

And on Friday Karissa also announced that if she doesn't go into labor beforehand she will be getting induced on Monday the 3rd!!!!! I am so excited and cannot wait to meet little Jonah.

Saturday was the one day this weekend that I did nothing but work with a small nap in between jobs.

And on Sunday I went to SoundSet...a hip hop music festival which deserves a post all on its own, so be back tomorrow with that one :)


Thursday, May 23, 2013

MN Blogger Meet Up: Yoga Time

A couple weekends ago I met up with some of my favorite and new MN bloggers for a fun yoga session. Katie a fellow MN blogger is learning to become a yoga teacher so she came out to show us bloggers a fun yoga class. It was fun seeing people I already knew while meeting a few new ones.

After our yoga session we sat around and chatted with each other. Everyone brought a delicious snack to share and we just enjoyed catching up.

One of my favorite things about these great girls is that most of them are around my height. Weird as it may sound I kinda enjoy being with people around my height. I live with Jamal who is over 6 feet tall!! And when we are with Greg and Karissa (also tall kids) I feel like a baby. So I am glad that these chicas make me feel like I fit in :)


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Adventures In Sushi Tasting

I know I have been behind on my posts lately but I still want to write about them :)

A couple weekends ago was Karissa's birthday and to celebrate we went to Crave at the Mall of America for dinner. Not my favorite location of theirs but it was okay. For dinner I got the chicken ceasar salad, it was alright. I personally prefer my lettuce to be cut. I know it's supposed to be fancy but no thanks.

I also tried sushi for the first time ever in my life!! And it was incredible. Sushi has always creeped me out a bit and I don't like seafood but this stuff was different. And good. It was FRUIT sushi!! It was mango, grape, and coconut in a rice roll/wrap thing with blueberry sauce on the side. Seriously I have never tasted anything so good. It tasted like the Dominican Republic :) Absolute happiness and sunshine in one little roll. And I know what you're thinking but yes that does count as sushi.

After dinner we went to Comedy Sports. An improv comedy place. Improv is okay, not my favorite but always good for some entertainment and a few laughs. One of my favorite one liners of the night "If you are well stacked and don't need a might be a pancake" ;)


Monday, May 20, 2013

Our 4th Anniversary

Yesterday Jamal and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary!! It is so crazy to think we have been together for four whole years.

Well we wanted to keep it low key this year and save our money for our Chicago trip this summer. Saturday morning my mom told us about this Grill Fest that she saw on the news and thought we should check it out. We thought about going Saturday but it was just raining and the hours ticked by without us moving from the couch so that was a no go. Saturday night we still had no plans for our anniversary on Sunday so we decided that we would go to Grill Fest and check it out then afterwards get dinner at Red Stone.

I was kind of hesitant about going to Grill Fest because it was $35 per person and I just didn't think it would really be worth it. I was wrong. It was held at The Depot which is this really big venue in downtown Minneapolis. We walked to room full of tables with different companies offering samples of food and drinks (that was inside) then we ventured outside where the grilled meat samples were. So. Much. Food.

We got to try so many new drinks and foods. I think my favorite food that I tried wasn't even grilled haha! It was this really good plate of pita chips and hummus with marsala chicken. Amazing. And I can't even begin to think of my favorite drink I had while there. So many different wines, beers, and pop.

By the end of the event we were both stuffed and dinner at Red Stone was out of the question. We came home and relaxed for a couple hours before ordering a pizza to end the night with.

We had so much fun and I am so glad that we went. Not at all how I envisioned spending our anniversary, but it was perfect.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reality Check

I am not Superwoman. Shocking right? This past year has had its challenges, like every year but this one was especially tiring  Between the 2 hour one way commutes to school, tough classes, and life in general. A lot was going on.

I tried to be the very best girlfriend, friend, worker, and blogger that I could be which in turn meant that school fell to the wayside. I was so focused on doing everything else that I just got overwhelmed with school and tried to slide by. And my grades sure showed that. So for the past week that I have been out of school I have just been trying to focus on me and regroup. I start summer school again Monday!! So I need to get back to focusing on what is right now and what is important. But that isn't to say that I am going to quit blogging. Just need to manage my time a little better and keep my priorities straight.

So I have A LOT of blog reading to catch up on and a few posts that I need to write up. And hopefully I can figure out the best way to balance my life this summer while not letting important things fall behind :)


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MN Blogger Meet Up: Channeling Our Inner Chefs

Back way long ago on April 26th I once again met up some of the lovely MN Bloggers for a cooking class. Andreas mom hosts cooking classes every month and put on a special one just for us bloggers. The theme of the night was Salads & Channing. 

Andrea happens to be a HUGE fan of Mr. Tatum and it just so happened to be his birthday on the day of our meet up. So Andrea made us each a mini Chan Fan so that we could all wish him a happy birthday. 

Jess was our fantastic photographer so I give her all the credit for the pictures. My cooking buddy for the night was Melissa and we made the cheeseburger salad. Along with our dish we also ate chicken ceasar salad pizza, lettuce wraps, BLT pasta salad and for dessert some delicious strawberries and cinnamon chips to dip in a chocolate mousse. 

Lindsey had a special request and got an Usher fan too!!

All of us wishing Channing a happy birthday :) It was a really fun night seeing everyone again. And surprisingly for the picky eater that I am I didn't starve and even tried everything (not to say it was all my fave haha)
 Oh yea and Andrea had a little prompt for each if us to include in our posts, mine was 'what is one thing I wish I knew how to make' This was a hard one since Jamal and I do a lot of experimenting in the kitchen but I suppose I would like to know how to make the absolute perfect hash browns every. single. time. 

It was a great time and I can't wait for our next meet up this weekend!! Yoga Time. 


Monday, May 6, 2013

Something To Make You Smile

My life for the past week has consited of homework, studying, working, some tv watching, and more homeowkr. It has been really fun. But now it is finals week and Thursday I will be free...for two weeks until summer session. But let's not talk about that. Instead I have some pictures I want to share with you to make your heart smile on this Monday morning. My moms friend got a new puppy, a little corgi named Jilly. And I am in love. While I was there I also got to see Jillys big brother Jack.

Are they not the sweetest things. Now if only I could convince my mom to let me have one of my own.

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