Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Best Friends

Who is your best friend? For me, it's Jamal. I love this man so much. I talk to him about almost everything, I always want to try new things with him and share good moments. I want him around when life is going great and I couldn't be happier and I want him there when things suck and I need someone to listen to me complain. He is really so amazing for always staying my my side and putting up with my ridiculousness.

And as much as we share together there are just some things I should keep to myself. For example, The other day at work this really hot guy came in and me and my co workers were enjoying the eye candy. It was fun to have that girl talk and secretly stare at him. It was really a fun part of my day but I couldn't come home and tell Jamal all about it.

Or how about when I had to do my sales pitch at work to this cute guy and I ended up looking like an idiot stumbling over words because I was nervous talking to him, yea not exactly something to share with my boyfriend.

There are so many things in life that we share together and I wouldn't have it any other way, but it is so great to have my girl friends to count on to discuss those things that I can't talk to Jamal about.


Date Day: Homemade Ice Cream

Last weekend I bought an ice cream maker (that is orange!) and thought that our date night would be a great time to try it out. We made strawberry ice cream and cheesecake ice cream. They both turned out really good. I like it best fresh from the ice cream maker because it is sooo creamy and delicious. It also tastes good a few days after.

The only complaint I have is that the cheesecake ice cream was kinda gooey. We will have to tweak our recipe next time so that we get a better consistency, But the flavor was really good. It tasted just like cheesecake.

We also went to our city's farmer's market and I got my first cake pop! Jamal got a yummy raspberry cupcake. 

And then we finished the night off with watching the last 2 episodes of season 7 of House. We were sad that now we only have one season left to watch. 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

1' or 1", Which one is the Inch?

So my lovely mother for some crazy reason has problems measuring things with a tape measure. She is fine with a ruler, maybe even a yard stick, But bring in a tape measure and she loses it.

example 1: A few months ago my mom decided that we needs some new shades (or that we just needed to replace the sheets with actual curtains). She got an old measuring tape and did all the measuring by herself, She then ordered 3 sets of blinds. NONE OF THEM FIT! They were all too long. But they were custom made so there wasn't much we could do about it so for the past few months they have been sittign in our house unused and a waste of money :(

Example 2: Remember that great new sectional that I mentioned here. It was supposed to replace our couch that has fallen apart and can no longer be used for movie watching for more than 1 person. Weelllllllll, that great new sectional was TOO BIG to fit down the stairs into our family room :( Very Depressing I know. Now you might wonder how this happened due to my mothers lack of measuring skills. She measured our current couch to be 8 feet long. We measured the new couch at 7 and some odd inches so it all should have worked out. Well the mover guys who brought the new sectional measured our old was 6 feet and some inches. So much for the cozy stylish sectional.

How she does it? I do not know. But I do know that from now on someone else will take over when things need to be measured! Lesson learned..TWICE


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

7 Questions

Today I am linking up for the first time ever with Gentri for 7 questions.

1. What do you do when you're sick? (Do you act like a baby? Tough it out? Have any weird cravings? Cry?) I hate being sick and tend to complain a lot and just want to sit in front of the TV. I also like it if someone is there to take care of me I hate being alone when i am sick. 

2. What do you do to find motivation when you feel you've lost it? I usually think for a while and then decide that I should get up and do something else hoping that eventually I will be motivated to do what I need to do. It also helps to look at pictures of what the outcome would be if I did do what I need to do. 

3. Do you wish time away or do you savor every moment? Mostly, I savor every moment. After watching the movie "In Time" I always think of how I am wasting my life away and how every second really does count. 

4. If you could be any mythological creature, what would you be, and why? Ummmm....Yea I have no idea at all

5. What is your current biggest weakness and are you working on fixing it? Right now my biggest weakness is laziness/procrastination but lately i think that I have been improving. I just wait forever to do things instead of getting them done and not waiting until the last minute. But I think this past month I have been doing better, 

6. How do you greet someone when meeting them for the first time? Say "hi" smile shake their hand

7. How do you grocery shop? (Do you write up a list? Go in with no idea what you're looking for? Have meal plans? Bring your own shopping bags?) I usually just go and buy, sometimes I have a small list to make sure I don't forget important things. But I do grocery shop frequently so I suppose lists would save me some time and gas money. 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reaching for the Ground

The couch that we have in our family room is literally falling apart. I am slightly embarrassed to explain the extent of our couch problem. These are pretty old couches that we have had forever. They have seen much better days. Right now I can't sit in the middle seat because there is hole in it. I actually fall to the ground when I sit there unless I pile it with pillows. 

My mom finally decided that it was time for a new couch so we went shopping today. Becker Furniture had a sale ending today so we had about 2 hours to decide on our new couch. It was though decision because we had so many options for replacing our current couch but in the end decided to buy a new one. We got this beautiful sectional. 

I am in love. 

It will be here on Wednesday. I decided not to tell Jamal that we bought it so I am excited for it to get here and him be surprised. 


Monday, June 18, 2012

Date Day: The Weinery

Last week was our 2nd week with the date day, it was Jamal's turn to plan the fun. I thought I knew where we were going but I was completely wrong. We started out at this home brewing and wine making supply store. Jamal wants to try and make some of his own beer so we went to check it out and see what we would need. It is a bit expensive so we decided that we would think it over before we bought anything. They also had stuff to make your own cheese. I was pretty excited about that. We were going to buy the kit but unfortunately they were out of some of the supplies so we will have to go back.

Our next stop was this little hole in the wall restaurant called "The Wienery". It was sooo small, I couldn't believe it. And I have been in some small places. This place on been on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives so we were really excited to eat there ( it was just on Friday). I got a hot dog with chili, cheese and onions and Jamal got a burger. It was yummy. We also got fries. I wasn't a huge fan of them though.

It was a fun date and I really want to go back to the Wienery. Oh yes, I don't know if I have mentioned it or not but I LOVE hot diggitys AKA hot dogs :) my fave.

P.S. I just signed up for this awesome blogger swap. You buy a disposable camera and take pictures with it then send it off to your blogger match and get one in return. Go check out Campfire Chic for all the details and join the fun.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Spidey Man

I love love love Spider-Man and am so excited for the new movie to come next month. I will most definitely be at the midnight showing. So yesterday while I was walking though the grocery store I noticed a Spider-Man colored package.

It was Pop-tarts. Yum. So cool. They even have little blue spiders on them for the sprinkles.

My breakfast just got a whole lot more Amazing.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Today I am linking up with Sar for Thursday Thoughts. 

I am really excited for my date with Jamal today. It will be round 2 of date day and I can't wait to find out what he has planned. I think I have an idea of one of the things, I will find out soon :)

I told myself that I would get some cleaning done today...buuuttttt I slept in and after blogging, eating, and getting ready I ran out of time. Oops. 

I am really glad that I have today and Saturday off and possibly Sunday. That means that Saturday I can go to Jamal's football game and cheer on his team. But he won't be playing due to his sprained ankle. 

I am kinda sad that it is raining today. Yesterday was so nice out but I was stuck at work all day and now when I can be outside it's icky out. 

I am debating buying this new swimsuit...and dress...and sandals if they finally have my size. I guess I should go finish getting ready for the day so I can be on my merry way to the store. 

Thanks for stopping by today! What are your thoughts on this Thursday?


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I made a blog button!!!!!!!!  

It only took me FOREVER!

I am so excited about it :) Hope you guys love it.

P.S. Feel free to grab it!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Growing Apart

On Friday we celebrated my cousin Meagan's 21st birthday. We went over to her place to hang out and eat dinner and cake. This is so hard for me to write about because in my head I can hardly comprehend how and why I feel this way. We used to be really really close, like BFF's and now I feel like we hardly know each other. I feel like we try to force a relationship but it isn't really there. I don't how we grew apart so much or why but I do know that now she feels like a stranger.

We don't talk very much nor spend a lot of time together but we still have a weird friendship. I want to improve it and start getting to know her again but it is hard, for some reason she annoys me. Right now I am just confused about the whole thing and don't really know what is next for us.

I know it is a few years off (at least) before I will get married but whenever I think about it I have the hardest time thinking about who will be my MOH. Back in the day it would have been Meagan but now I just don't feel like I would be happy with that. But oddly enough she still thinks that she will be. And like I said that is probably years away so we have time to fix our relationship but it is just what was on my mind after Friday.

I know that this post was quite random and all over the place so if you made it to the end, Thanks :) Have a great week!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Date Day: Wine Tasting

Lately I feel like Jamal and I have fallen in a boring routine. I feel like we do the same things over and over and just haven't done anything new and exciting. So for the summer we are implementing a new plan. DATE DAY. Each week one of us finds a day we are both available and plans something fun for us to do. We switch off every week. This week was our first time and it was my week to plan.

A while back we had bought a thing off of Crowd Cut for wine tasting and I thought it would be a good time to use it. We drove to this cute little vineyard, tasted various wines and even got to take a bottle home. We didn't really like any of them but it was still a lot of fun.

After that we drove around for a little bit and found a farmers market. It was really small but had some pretty cool stuff, we bought beef sticks, strawberry pineapple jam, and blueberry cheesecake bread. The bread was soooo good.

 Then to finish off the day we went to Smashburger for dinner. Always a favorite. Yum. And then we ended the day with watching some House. It was a really fun day and am now looking forward to see what Jamal has planned for next week.

Have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Taking the Plunge

For a while now I have been considering getting a tattoo. I have always been scared of the fact that it is permanent so I haven't done it. Lately I have had the idea to get one on my butt because no one would really see it so if I ended up hating it it wouldn't be that big of a deal. And so I got to thinking....Our exchange student, Kate, that stayed with us earlier this year is leaving on Sunday, I am sad to see her go knowing that if I ever do see her again it won't be for a long time. Kate love tattoos so I suggested my brilliant idea of us getting tattoos on our butts. She was all for it.

Fast forward two days and our plan is set, we bring along my other friend (who was supposed to get one too but backed out) and we are in the shop!!!!!!! How insane, I couldn't believe that I as actually going through with it. I was freaking out a little while he was drawing it up. Kate got hers done first and then it was my turn. OMYGOODNESS!!! It did hurt but not nearly as bad as I thought it would thankfully. And I love the finished result. I don't know if I will ever get another one but I am so glad that I took a chance and got this one.

Kate and I now have matching tattoos on our butts that say "kiss". I love them :) and I love how I will always think of her when I look at it.


Monkeying Around

Last Friday I got to go to the MN Zoo with my mom and her class. She teaches kindergarten and every year I try to chaperon this field trip with her. It is so much fun. The kids always love it so much. She teaches in the inner city so a lot of these kids have never left their neighborhoods so it is so fun to see how excited they are about all the new things.

Our zoo has a farm section and that is the first place we went to when we got there. They have little machines that you can buy goat food out of and feed to the goats so my mom always bring change with so the kids can do it. Well I handed a little a piece to feed a goat and she stuck it in her mouth! I laughed and told her it was for the goats not her. Pretty funny.

Then later while we were eating lunch my mom was sitting on a cooler with another lady. The cooler is the kind that has two wheels on one side so that you can roll it along. Well the other lady got up and the cooler went flying out from under my mom and she ended up on her back! At first I was worried but then I just strated laughing at her. It was funny. Overall it was a fun day and I am looking forward to next years trip.


Monday, June 4, 2012

When Life Gets in the Way

HEEEYYYYY!!!! Sorry I know I haven't posted in forever! I have been busy working and hanging out. During the summer I don't get on the computer nearly as often as I do during the school year. Which sucks because I need to catch up on all of your blogs now!

Really, nothing too exciting has been happening. I am currently deciding if I want to continue working at Kohl's because I only work there 1-2 times a week and I keep getting scheduled when I work at my other job so more than anything it is stressing me out. So hopefully I figure out something soon with that.

I posted here about the ring Jamal got me for our anniversary, now I have it back and have been wearing it every day, I love it!

The matching necklace

Sorry for my extended hiatus, But I am back and hopefully get on here more often. Now I am off to catch up on all your posts :)

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